Friday, 8 February 2013

Using Photographs to Accessorize Your Homes Elegantly


Photographs remind you of the most wonderful memories in your life. People, places and occasions are some that come to mind immediately when you see a photo or several photos hanging proudly or placed inside cabinets or on shelves in your living room and even bedroom. Also, photographs are very much treasured and represent your personal happy experiences in the past.

Some may feel challenged at the idea of using photos as accessories at home. This is because personal photographs are available in black-and-white and in color versions, and also in various shapes and sizes. Don’t lose hope as you can absolutely overcome these challenges by implementing the following tips:

Use of Consistent Framing Material

Whether it is gold leaf, wood, copper, lacquer, silver or brass, you should choose one type of faming material to lend a consistent appeal across color types, sizes and proportions to your photo collection.
You can’t go wrong when you decide that the frames you are going to use complement your room décor. If contemporary is your home theme, it is best to pick lacquered frames. Silver frames, on the other hand, support your bid for an elegant room, while polished wood is definitely a great addition inside your office or study. 

Follow the Tallest to Smallest Rule

In arranging photos, you must places the smallest images in the front and the largest ones at the back. It does not matter whether you are placing them on a shelf or a table as each image can be powerful enough to convey the memory it represents amidst a photo collection.

Apply One Photo in a Room Concept

Your sole goal is for your photographs to make their impact in a room. Thus, select carefully from your compilation which photos should find their way into each room. This way, you are more organized in supporting a room décor.

Display Photos along with Books

A bookcase is the perfect one to hold photographs and books together. You can achieve a clean look when you place both on a separate shelf. Using a smaller shelf, the photos must be placed between books that occupy the top and bottom portions of the bookcase. A library-like look is possible when you position alternating bays with photos and books.

Separate Black-and-White from Color Photos

Although it is really possible to group the black-and-white and color photos at the same time, it would be wise to place them in two areas. This is done to attain a strong visual appeal as contemporary color photos and the sepia-tone photos have their own respective use in a room.

Photographs are great accessories to have at home. You just need to know the tricks in using them properly so you can give justice to the important events that they represent in your life. In your bid to highlight the photos you want to showcase to others, you need to maximize their use for greater visibility and appeal. Apply the above tips and you can never go wrong about your photographs.

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