Friday, 1 February 2013

The Return of the Dressing Table

Originally popularized by the Hollywood actresses of the 1920's – 1950’s, the dressing table has been recently less favoured by the modern homeowner but they are making a comeback for the 21st Century.

Fashioned from solid Birch, the chic French-style dressing table takes the user back to the 18th Century days of opulence and wealth. The uniquely crafted and hand painted piece bring a touch of lavishness to the modern boudoir yet is not overpowering with detailing and over-complicated features.

The delicately created handles and legs are sturdy enough to last a lifetime and the timeless design and soft curves create a peaceful place to prepare yourself for the day ahead. Available from Roomes Furniture for £1479.

The combination of thick, strong wood and sweeping lines make this elegant dressing table an instant classic. It comes with ample integrated storage and a matching stool which is able to be positioned neatly under the desk.

Buyers have a choice of coloured veneer finishes including Maple, Oak, Walnut, Ash or Cherry. Available from Furnish for £1598 - £1802 depending on choice of wood finish.

This silver leaf table comes in a glimmering finish with matching oval mirror. The metallic look is clean, crisp and contemporary; an asset to a bedroom with a silver-framed bed. Bring the room to life by introducing warmer colors such as crimsons and blues to collaborate with the shimmery texture. Available from Sweet Pea and Willow for £875.

Talk about compact! This is the cleverest space-saving dressing table on the market and a must-have for pokey bedrooms. The integrated chair slots perfectly into the leg area of the dresser and is coated in a high gloss plastic to match the table.

The mirror also folds down so that the full surface can be used as a standard table when the dresser is not required. The futuristic design is also finished with a sleek grey varnish to add to the high-tech look. Available from Dwell for £599.

Perfect for the ladies who do not wear much make-up of wear many items of jewellery, this mini dresser with tapered legs and curved edges is a thing of beauty. The design is inspired by the poise of a dancer and has the quality of finish to match.

The solid walnut structure and red lacquer gloss is reminiscent of 1940’s furnishing yet is modern enough for the fashion-conscious women of today. Available from Made for £349.


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