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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Necessary Points to Remember in a Window Treatment

Window treatments can create an appealing look in any room. A lot of this look depends on the way we plan a window treatment. Laying stress on a few factors can help in further enhancing the look of your interior decoration. 

Proper Drapery Style

While deciding to have a new look for a window, the most important thing to decide on is the style of décor. Dressing style of the window must complement the appearance of the room.  If your living room has trendy and smart furniture, having a vintage drapery theme will be of little help to the décor. On the contrary it will create an asymmetrical look in the room. Another important thing to consider is the purpose of the drapery. Whether the drapery is going to remain static or it will be opened and closed regularly or will they remain in a semi-opened state? Whether the drapes are needed only for styling or they are to provide privacy? What is the budget available for the treatment? All these aspects are to be taken into consideration before finalizing the style of the drapes.

Ideal Material

Draperies are an integral part of a window dressing. Selecting the correct material for a drapery is vital for any styling. Depending on the room where the decoration is to be hanged and the style of décor to be followed, the fabric for the covering must be chosen. Then again, it must go well with the existing décor of the room. The patterns and style of the covering must be in sync with the furniture present in the room and the color on the walls. The color of the fabric must complement the theme of the décor as well as the setting of the room. Overall, it must justify the theme of decoration present there.

Attach Shades  

Shades are a great way to diffuse incoming light while at the same time offering some level of privacy. Shades can be used in a variety of materials to create distinct look in the décor. Using bamboo shades or a wooden shade adds a sporty and outdoor element to your styling. Moreover, these items being natural elements, they help in keeping the heat under control. Now-a-days shades are available in a variety of styles and materials. These shades can be teamed with the drapes or curtains in an interesting way to play with décor themes, creating an appealing look.

Correct Drapery Hardware

Drapery hardware is another important aspect in a window decoration project that must be given a thorough thought. Selecting the correct mounting hardware and install it in a proper manner requires an amount of detailing. The measurements for the drapes and the hardware must be correct. Whether you opt for a contemporary look or a  custom window treatment, installing the hardware without proper measures will run the risk of having sloppy draperies, which is a very undesirable thing to happen in a window decoration project. This will mar the look totally. So, invest time and patience to take proper measurements for your drapes and installation locations. Only after you are totally satisfied with the location, proceed to install your mounting hardware.

Care For Details

Detailing occupies a major role in any window treatment. It is a nice idea to check the length for the drapes before sewing them for the final look. Make sure that you have decided on the fall of the drapes. Generally the procedure followed is to hang the curtains half an inch above the ground for a floor length drapery. For window-sill length curtains, consider whether you want the fall to touch the sill or end just below it. For puddle look, ensure plenty of fabric is available for the purpose. It is a good idea to have a trim on the border of each drapery panel to as to have a finished look in the dressing.

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Matching Curtains with Décor in Seasonal Makeovers Spells Harmony

Seasonal changes are clarion calls for a change of décor. Summer gave way to autumn and autumn to winter. Time for interior decorators to give residences their seasonal makeovers within suitable themes and homemakers to change drapes and upholstery.

Usually in the summer, things are much simpler with décor or specifically window treatments. In the fall, more ornate accessories and adornments like fringing, tassels, cording and tiebacks are highlighted. In winter, there is more fabric bead-work and trim. The view from the window is framed by drapery panels which also insulate from cold temperatures outside.

Seasonal makeovers and window treatments

Family Room with Curtains

There are a number of questions to be asked when seasonal makeovers guided by themes impact window treatments.
  • Sheer curtains or venetian blinds?
  • Side panels or heavy drapes on a curtain rod in gleaming ivory white?
  • Fabrics with less emphasis on pattern or more on texture?
  • Heavy luxurious fabrics like washed velvet and raw silk or lighter ones like linen?
  • Autumn shades such as olive, rust, terracotta, latte, sage and kiwi or neutral ones like white and ivory?
To put it simply, each season requires its particular window treatment – in design, fabric or color and once thematic, it will match the décor. Such a matching harmony can raise the look’s classic appeal.

Personal fabric selection

How to make curtains match general décor? Actually, this question can be turned around to ask: How to make living space décor match curtains? The answer contains a few revealing facts which are surprisingly relatively unknown. The magic lies in selecting your own fabric rather than buying drapery not only for covering a chair but also as sofa covers and co-coordinating cushions. The same material can then be used for curtains for a perfect match!

The popular assumption is that customized window treatment is more expensive. Not necessarily so. Choosing fabric yourself rather than buying readymade drapery is less expensive. However, it will have to be supported by judicious choice of fabric. For instance, exotic fabrics and their elaborate treatments can be very expensive. A lot also depends upon keen shopping sense and the retail outlet where the shopping is done.

Besides, it can boost savings as it helps avoid costly mistakes. Moreover, customized draperies also ensure that lining co-ordinates in different rooms of the house and that of the outside present a continuity of look.

hotel room

Aside from matching living space décor with curtains, through shades, pattern and design, one must always keep in mind the seasonal décor theme. This will enable one to make the right selection of fabric even in relation to its texture and feel. So, summer would require lighter material such as cotton or linen while winter would need heavier material like raw silk or washed velvet.

Curtain calls

Eventually, it is the window that is the essential part of the treatment. Drapes can make a window seem larger or even de-emphasize it. For a larger window, run curtains on a curtain rod beyond the window and along the wall. For a smaller window, select a fabric that goes along with the wall shade. Curtains can even make a ceiling appear higher by mounting them on a curtain rod as near to it as possible.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home

Considering windows treatments is not only a practical but also a functional decision. Choosing to add curtains, blinds, shades, or shutters on your window can make your house more appealing. At the same time, window treatments also help block off sunlight and provide privacy. Looking for window treatments for your home? Here are some tips:

Determine Your Needs

There are a wide range of styles and look of window treatments to choose from but before you make a choice, determine your needs first. How important is privacy to you? Of course, this will depend on where the windows treatment will be installed. A living and dining room situated at the front of the house requires a huge deal of privacy than rooms located at the rear or upstairs. The room’s exposure is also crucial in deciding the importance of privacy.

Consider the Window’s Architecture

The architecture of the window is undoubtedly a major consideration when considering window treatments. It could be located in an awkward position, too thin, squat, among others. In any case, windows treatments can cover up any defect and improve their visual appearance.

Choose a Style for the Room

The choice of window treatment will depend on the style you want for your room. Likewise, the color, pattern, and texture that will help determine the perfect design of window treatment for your business. So how do you know which style will look good on your window? Barrett suggests looking at magazines and books. Another possible source of style is through the Internet.

What Is Your Lifestyle?

Essentially, your manner of lifestyle can also have an impact on the choice of windows treatments. High traffic area will require a durable and washable window treatments. If you like cooking, the window treatment should not be made from a delicate fabric as they are likely to absorb splatters.

Whatever windows treatment that you choose, they can help bring out the appeal and beauty of your home.