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Monday, 11 February 2013

Flowers Are The key Factors For Decorating a Home

A favourite habit of all house-proud people is to regularly decorate their home with flowers. There is something just so charming and uplifting about a bunch of flowers that nobody who comes across them can resist sneaking in a whiff! Flowers bring so much simple joy and beauty with them; it comes as no surprise that they are a universally favoured form of home beautification.

Flower arrangements can play a significant role in setting the mood and complementing the theme of the room they are placed in. It may come as a surprise to you, but decorating your home with flowers doesn’t begin and end at buying a gorgeous bunch; there is actually quite a bit of thought and consideration that goes into the activity. Everything, from what colour of blooms to purchase to how many, from what kind of design to arrange them in to what type of container to use, has to be thought of. Here we discuss some fantastic tips and tricks for doing up your house with flowers!

Let’s begin with colour: how do you pick the right colour and shade of flowers for different rooms? If you want to make a statement and are looking to really jazz up a room, then you should go in for bright, bold and striking colours. Deep hues, like wine-red (roses) or striking combinations, like turquoise and purple (orchids), can create a very powerful statement. On the other hand, if you do not want the flowers to overpower the rest of the room, and would prefer a more subtle and classy approach to decoration, you should go in for softer shades. Pale pinks, peaches and other pastels will work well with almost any kind of décor and will add a sweet, soft touch to any room.

If you want a bit of both, or you really can’t make up your mind, nothing works half as well as a bunch of white blooms. White flowers have a dreamy, ethereal quality to them, yet at the same time they are strikingly stunning. The best part about using white flowers is that whether you get a small bouquet, a large bunch or even a solitary, striking bloom you just know that you’re going to add incomparable beauty to the room.

Picking a container can be tricky, especially if you’re particular about details. A crystal or glass vase is usually a popular choice, and also the most elegant, but if you don’t want the stems and the water to be visible, you can opt for an opaque container. Delicate china vases can look wonderful. For a more casual vibe, you can use odds and ends from around the house- big glasses, small buckets, baskets and so on. If you’re keen on crafts, purchase a simple container and do it up yourself with glitters, rhinestones, shells etc.- the possibilities are endless!

Make the most of the flowers you've got by prettying them up! True, flowers are so gorgeous on their own they don’t need any help in that department, but a little extra effort can really go a long way. Use a piece of lace or a ribbon in a colour that compliments your bouquet and tie a beautiful, big bow around the bunch.

Keep the flowers healthy so that they last and brighten up your home for longer. Change the water daily and add “flower food” or preservatives (easily purchased at any florist!) and clip the leaves regularly to keep the flowers healthy. Cut a bit of the stems at an angle at the bottom to facilitate better water and nutrient absorption.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Re-energize Your Living Room in a Classy Manner

The enchanting living room is always a great attraction. You must have a well-furnished living room. That is the best way you can turn your house into a home. Here are a few classy tips and suggestions that may help you beautify your front hall in a glitzy manner.

Colors for the Living Room

The first thing you need to select is the right palette of colors for the living room. This will help you form a great canvas for the rest of the living room decor.You must always pick bright shades for the living room. This will help you create a lively environment in the living room. You must avoid colors like blue or gray that may lead to moroseness.You may opt for one color for all the four walls and a contrasting color for the ceiling. Very often ceilings even have plain white shade.

Window Treatments for the Living Room

You must be wise when you select the window treatment for the hall windows. You may either opt for blinds or curtains. The curtains come in many attractive colors and you can pick the shade that goes with your living room decor.If you do not like the curtain holders to be visible, you may go for attractive window valences. They provide an added appeal to your windows.

Doors and Door Knobs

Doors may come in many different shapes. You may go for arched doors or majestic carved rectangular doors.You may select innovative knobs shaped like human hands.These easily attract the visitor’s attention.You must make sure that the door knobs are durable and last long. Clean and maintain these doors tidy so that they continue to look showy.

Couches and Coffee Tables

The first bits of furniture that you will think of having in your living room are the couches and the coffee tables. You must opt for innovative shapes of couches and coffee table. You may even go for couches of different shapes.You may even buy couches and coffee tables made from eco-friendly materials. These materials do not have any toxic effect on the environment. They can be your first step towards sustainable living.

Cabinets and Shelves

You need spacious storage spaces to accommodate your daily wares. You must thus have convenient shelves and cabinets. These days you will find cabinets of unique shapes and sizes in the market. Go for cabinets that suit the theme of your house.Make sure that the cabinet you choose does not occupy too much space. You may even check out on the Internet if you can make any DIY cabinet or shelf on your own.

Shoe Racks

You will come across many distinct variants in shoe racks too and most of them will be loved by you. You must pick the shoe rack that goes with the theme of your house. You may purchase mobile shoe racks or pipe shoe racks if they are convenient options for you.

Electronic Appliances for the Living Room

Most homes have the television set in the living room. You must thus have a cabinet or shelf to accommodate the television set. Make sure these look sophisticated and stylish.

Lamps and Lighting System

You must never neglect the lighting system when you design your living room. It can have a great impact on how your living room looks.You may have one large chandelier hanging from the ceiling. This will give your front hall a rich look.If you have any wall hangings, you can light these up with wall sconces. This will help you clearly show the intricacies of the wall hanging.

Indoor Planters

If you want to breathe life into your front hall, indoor planters are the first best pick. You may even make these at home. These are relatively affordable too.

Carpets and Tiles

The flooring can really not be complete if you choose the wrong tiles for your floors. You have to choose flooring that can be maintained easily.You can further increase the life of these flooring's by choosing the right carpets. Carpets reduce the rate of deterioration of the flooring.

Trash Cans

You must go for modern sustainable or disposable trash cans. They usually are better at disposing trash. You may even go for solar powered trash cans.


You may use a fireplace to create a focal point in the living room. You may even go for coffee tables with a fireplace in the center.

Monday, 10 September 2012

5 Rules to Decorate Your House before Selling It

Most homeowners begin to sense that the time may be drawing close to put their home on the market. It may be too small, it may be too large or it may be in the wrong place. Whatever the reason the decision to sell a property is a very fundamental one in people's lives should be handled with the maximum of professionalism, so that the sellers can enjoy the highest possible price for the property.

That should mean investing what is required to make the property look as good as possible before it goes on the market. The money invested in this re-decoration project should be recovered many times over in the final selling price. The reason is that when most people come to look over a property with a view to buying, first impressions can be very important.

That's why it's important to invest money in getting the property in as good a shape as can be done within a reasonable budget. 

There are five simple rules to decorate your house before selling it. If they are followed more or less to the letter then the chances of receiving a higher price will greatly increase.

Rule one- Bland is better

it may sound strange but most people who buy a property, will immediately want to place their territorial claim on it. That means taking the house, even if it has just been decorated, and the smell of paint is still in the air, and redecorating it. For the seller should remember that this is likely to happen and not put out too much in making fashion statements. Clean and crisp will do the job.

Rule Two-Don't be cheap when it comes to materials

being in mind that many couples and especially if they are first-time buyers will be working on a very stretched budget. If they see a property that is ready to move into then they are liable to look more favorably upon it. They would rather pay the cost of redecorating the house to the mortgage for the next 25 years than pay out some cash today. That means decorating using good materials that will last.

Rule Three-Don't forget to add some personal touches

Even though you may like that rug or the set of curtains in the baby's room, you know the baby is now in their teens, leaving them behind. when you're putting the house up for sale. Prospective buyers may hate the rug and the curtains but at least it will give the impression that this is a house that has been lived in.

Rule Four-How to decorate the house that you are no longer living in

there is an unhealthy scenario where someone is trying to sell a property which is no longer occupied. Once all the furniture and fittings have been removed, near is no way that the house can look at its best. Some people have gone as far as picking up used furniture and appliances to continue the impression that the house is still a home. It may be a pain in the neck but can have a major effect on the selling of the property and how long it stays on the market.

Rule Five- If you manage sell your property before redecorating

This is a dream scenario, but it can happen. If you're happy with the price then you can sit down with the buyers and offered to pay part of their redecoration costs or even help them to undertake the work. Leaving a buyer in the best possible terms has many advantages that can be reaped over the years. 

Author's Bio : Chris has been writing about interior design for over 4 years. Chris has published numerous articles on various decorating blogs. Aside from blogging,Chris specializes in french provincial furniture and decoration.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Quick Tips on Staging a Home

It has been said that a home's value is what a buyer is willing to pay for it, and this is especially true in today's turbulent real estate market. Home sellers often think of their homes in term of location, age and square footage, but potentially buyers often base their decisions more on the feeling they get from a home; preparing and staging a home can lead to more bids and a higher sale price. Here are a few tips.

Clean everything

The psychological effect of cleanliness is well established. Make sure every facet of your house looks as great as possible. Carpets should be stain-free and vacuumed, and tables should be clear. Try to remove any scuffs on tile, and pay extra attention to the exterior. Potential buyers see the outside of a home before stepping inside, so make sure it is spotless.

A little paint can go a long way

Homeowners often design their homes exactly how they like it, but most buyers are looking for a fairly neutral home they can convert into their ideal living space. If a home has red walls, for example, it may be wise to paint them a neutral beige color. Kids rooms often have wacky paint colors, but buyers might be less inclined to make a bid if they know they will have to repaint a room.

Remove clutter and personal items

Clutter has several effects on potential buyers; it makes rooms look smaller and might give the impression that the home is poorly maintained. One of the biggest effects of staging is the fact that is shows that the seller cares about details and has likely maintained the house well. Personal items can severely detract from a home's look, so they are best removed before interested parties stop by.

Smell matters

Studies have consistently shown that smell is one of the strongest senses, and humans remember smells far longer than sights and sounds. A home's smell will persist in the minds of potential buyers long after they have left. Take steps to remove bad odors and replace them with subtle, pleasant smells.

Ask for advice

It can be hard to step back and make a neutral evaluation of our homes after living in them for so long. Have a friend or neighbor view the home after the staging has been completed and ask them to share their opinion. There are often simple fixes that are easy to overlook.

Staging is not always free, but real estate agents all agree that the costs are worthwhile. Buyers pay more for staged homes, and sellers might be able to start a bidding war between multiple interested parties. Make sure you take the staging process seriously.

About AuthorAndy Hall is an online marketing manager for Cornerstone Homes. He writes about home builders in Calgary, interior design, and home improvements.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

How to create a Basement - Guests will enjoy

The basement is a great space for teens and young adults. It allows them privacy with their friends, while still allowing you to adequately supervise. It is important to make this a youth-friendly atmosphere in both design and functionality.


Young adults are sometimes not the neatest age group. Picking furniture that is stain-resistant or easy to clean will always be a good idea. Fabrics can be scotch-guarded if they are not simple to wipe off.

Furniture should also be comfortable. They should have comfortable cushioning and plenty of puffy pillows. This will allow them to get comfortable to watch movies, television or even read and get homework done.

Go for appealing colors and patterns. Young adults will not normally be very keen on an all-beige space. Perhaps a turquoise sofa in a modern shape will help to bring some fun and brightness to the space. Then, flank this with two ultra-comfortable, but modern, white chairs that have ottomans, or a chaise lounge. This is a bright and fun color scheme. Get pillows that will complement these colors.

Tables should really not be wood, but something that is easy to clean and hard to destruct. This means that glass should be avoided for both practicality and safety issues.


You want an open design with plenty of free space. Young adults like to mingle and lie around on the floor. They need the room to do this. Choose a design that incorporates many elements as well. For example, one area could be for watching television and movies and then another area for playing video games. This is another reason to have plenty of open space because many new video games are interactive and you use your body to play them. This requires plenty of space.


Think young, fun and funky. Modern and fun wall mirrors, fun lights and wall art will always work. For example, fiber optic or lava lamps may be decades old, but they are still in style and can create a fun and young vibe in a space. Allowing the young adults to create the wall art can also be a fun idea. Young adults are often very creative and can help to make the space their own by creating interesting wall hangings and other decorative pieces, such as collage lamp shades.


The elements are the fun things and activities that you will incorporate. You will definitely want a decent-sized television, as well as satellite or cable, a DVD or Blu Ray player and even a show recording device like TiVo.

Video game systems are always a good idea. Xbox and Playstation 3 are the two most popular at this time. Make sure to get the Kinect for the Xbox as this has many youth-friendly games that get players moving. They have dance games, sports games and others. You want a decent selection of games too to keep them interested.

A dart board is a very easy thing to put up and it is fun. If you have some extra cash, a pool table can help keep them happy and busy.

Another neat element is a non-alcoholic bar. Stock this with plenty of juices, sodas and other neat drinks and snacks that young folks go for. It can be fun creating their own non-alcoholic cocktails.

About the Author: Jillian Watkinson writes and reviews Community Home Supply. When she’s not doing that, she’s usually bragging to all of her friends and showing off her newest re-decoration project.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Decorate Your House with Ease

There are not lots of us out there who give up to the annually house décor styles due to require of your energy, price range and genuine perseverance. So when it comes to house décor styles, it’s less about what is in for the next times and more about what styles will keep their functionality and longevity. Saturated neutrals with splashes of strong colors while world shades, khaki, light brownish, camel and brickwork will always be cornerstones, now a times, property customers are looking for houses with a contact of “wow” attraction, and an effective way to make such an result is with strong colors that provide off plenty of superstar.

Browns that have more red and yellow-colored undertone add a contact of reduce to a room; whites are everlasting, and black whites will be existing, especially in kitchens; for those with additional fashionable palates, deep red blue, indigo and elegant red will come into play in the lounge, the den and still the house. Wallpaper really has been the “it” thing since the 60 with most people opt to do one surfaces with a plan design to add a drawl and some superstar to an area.

But now times, a less challenging method on one is some time to remodeling price range is to decorate your surfaces with visual stickers or decals. And it does not end with full decals; replicated surfaces tag is the next design pattern that will start to substitute the use of regular showcases. Wall decals are not only easy to put up, they are a sure bet to take away when you decide that it’s time to do awesome new with your area.

With nil additional than a soaked sponge or cloth, you can take out your surfaces decals and substitute them with, say, 3-d surfaces flooring surfaces. While wood surfaces have permanently been the regular choice for mainly property customers, it seems that pieces is development way for new resources and that floor covering is making its way out of the property completely. Buyers are going away from floor covering flooring surfaces, even in the bed rooms.

If floor covering is used at all, it’s used properly. Bamboos, international wood and cork flooring surfaces are eye-catching ever more popular options, as they are the more useful and hypo-allergenic option. As summer time warms up, air conditioner expenses can fast increase. As homeowner feels the heat, many are looking for ways to save and stay awesome.

One way to help substandard value expenses in the summertime season and year-round is to substitute drafty or permeable old windows with new, energy-efficient products.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Select your Residing Room Furnishings with Care

The main item is the chair as the position of the living position is usually to be at relaxation and comfortable. We want to slob out on the settee, hug up with the family and amazing. Make it even more at convenience with a pile of extremely ones and lighting effects for sleek lighting effects in the evening. The structure and the content should be very powerful and tough-wearing as various near family members, usually of younger people, are accountable to jump around on it. It might appear sensible too to buy a chair where the protect can be removed for washing as children are susceptible to accidents.

Then you need a desk of course, useful for placing drinks on, and keeping the TV details or perhaps some guides on the show below where they can be carried out quickly. Wood made continues to be the significant choice of content when selecting fixtures for the home and there are sufficient contemporary styles around that incorporate actual wooden with other amazing elements such as cup and metal.

Lighting is essential to make atmosphere, the expenditure lighting effects is appropriate for studying and studying, but in the evening you want some relaxation and relaxation, and a few logically placed lighting effects can do just the key to achievements. Very essential to make atmosphere in the position you should be able to relaxation the lighting effects in the evening for a soothing experience. A few lighting effects sat on some little a desk in the position of the position or next to the chair can do the key to achievements absolutely well. With a variety of regular and procedure lighting effects, you can achieve various stages of lighting effects necessary to keep your living position begin yet comfortable and enjoyable.

A bookcase looks fantastic anywhere and can be selected to go with the relax of your wooden areas, once you begin to analysis what's available you'll come to the knowing that the options are large. They appear in all way of powerful wooden such as oak, wooden and beech, and when wax or varnished the supply really stands out, or shaded in a heated overall tone can also be very efficient. Available in all styles they look fantastic as easy shelves or with storage area and techniques linked, and they twice as self storage area techniques so are genuine too.

There's no need to rush out and buy all your furniture in one swoop! Get the main content and then add stylish and eye-catching items as you find them. Developing a comfortable, comfortable position for the buddies and family to check out requires determination and time. It is usually better to buy less items of fantastic, than more items of ineffective fantastic as the less costly items are less likely to last. Just buy the best fantastic you can with the funds you have.

Whether you need pleasure middle, a desk, or any other types of furniture always take you’re a while to power looking at all the different styles and elements available before splitting with your money. Invest as much as you can on fantastic items and develop up the look of the position as you go along, it will all come together in the end