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Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Different Types of Flooring for your Home

Right flooring combined with elegant wall colour and gorgeous curtains can make a lot of difference to your home. If you are thinking of renovating your house to give it a new touch, give special attention to the flooring part as it always plays a huge role in uplifting the overall look of a home. Nowadays, many options are there in the market. Each and every type of flooring has its own unique appeal and individual benefits. You just need to know which type suits your style better. So, have a look at the current available options -

Hardwood Floor -

Style, aesthetic look, easily repairable, low maintenance, and durability - all these come in mind while talking about hardwood flooring. These are the main aspects that make this flooring an all-time favorite choice. If you want to give a traditional look to your home, go for it. But frankly speaking, this would be an ideal choice for your bedroom and living room rather than your bathroom or kitchen.

Vinyl Floor -

Vinyl sheet is an economic choice that brings several affordable options along with it. This durable, water resistant and easy going flooring option comes with attractive textures that can mimic other flooring types like natural stones, wood and tiles.

Bamboo Floor -

Bamboo flooring is an ultimate way to make your home environment friendly. Easy installation, great look, sustainable nature, versatile color options and moisture resistant power of bamboo will satisfy your taste. Apart from the hardness of bamboo, it is the moisture resistant power that makes it an ultimate flooring choice for your bathroom and kitchen. It is a great long lasting flooring option that requires very less maintenance.

Laminate Floor -

Laminate flooring is cheaper than the hardwood flooring. Though the life span of laminate flooring is not similar to hardwood as hardwood flooring lasts quite longer than laminate flooring, still it is considered as one of the most popular options nowadays. Laminate floor does not fade easily and has scratch resistance power too.

Linoleum Floor -

This is another remarkable choice if you want to go for an economic yet attractive flooring option. Linseed oil is the main ingredient of the material and is completely natural. This flooring is also very tough by nature, environment-friendly and easy to maintain.

Ceramic Tiles –

Ceramic tile flooring is very attractive, fire resistant and needs less maintenance. Due to the waterproof and durable nature and resistance power of the tiles, they are also used as counter tops. Lots of people say that ceramic tiles help to increase the resale value of a home. In case of any damage, a single piece of tile can be removed, replaced and re-installed easily.

Carpets -

If you go for carpets, you will have advantages in terms of your safety and health as well. Apart from easy cleaning and maintenance benefits, you will be able to add style and beauty to your home through carpets. The chances of slipping and falling will also reduce if you use carpet flooring.

Marble Floors -

It is the look of marble flooring that lures the attention of many homeowners. Gorgeous elegant marble flooring adds greater value to your home. Besides, it is stain and dust resistant and suitable for people who are allergic to dust or have trouble with carpets.

So, the above discussion can help you to know the different flooring options. You can choose the one that best matches your priorities.