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Thursday, 7 August 2014


Serene, calm, and quiet- traditionally, with these qualities, a bedroom would pass as a great room. The big decorative rooms were only owned by those who can afford it. Well, that was in the past. In this modern age, design has evolved to include the use of cheap materials. With a little creativity, you may be able to see a dull room transform into a real beauty right before your very eyes. Want access to cheap bedroom decorating ideas? Why not try the ones listed below.

Cheap Bedroom Decorative Ideas

Add a punch of color.

Break away from the usual while or neutral beige. Choose your favorite colors instead and let this work inside the room. There are several ways to get this done. The most obvious would be to paint the whole room a new touch of color. Accent decorative wall pieces and colorful throw pillows could be used to add a touch of funkiness to a bedroom.

Get inspired by nature.

Yes, buying an entirely new set of furniture will definitely give the bedroom a fresher look. But the buying cost of bedroom furniture could easily eat up your life savings. Instead of doing this, you can just take some of the plants outside and use these to give your room an outdoorsy feel. Don’t want the bother of taking this in or outside the house for sun exposure? Let the plant sit beside the window where sunlight usually hits.

Move the furniture.

Looking at the same bedroom furniture pieces tiring you out? Maybe it’s not the furniture at all but the fact that you routinely get off from a particular side of the bed. Get your muscles ready then. Don’t just stick to the old bedroom furniture layout. Move the bed near a different wall. Or get the vanity table near the window. Just make sure that when you do, you still have enough room to move about without bumping into these.

Dress up a wall.

You have the right furniture pieces. But why is the interior design for the master’s bedroom not working as it should? Are the walls devoid of anything decorative? Yes, simple bedroom furniture are practical but these could make a room look boring. To deviate attention from these, make walls interesting with the use of decals or framed pictures.

Add a mirror.

Light can make a room livelier. But coming from a natural source, this is even better. Let your room shine brighter with the use of mirrors. Hang a big one on the wall, attach these on a bedroom cabinet, or create a collage piece on a wall.Mirrors will reflect natural light into the room better.

Use a headboard.

If you don’t have a headboard, then consider getting one. You can just simply do this on your own or have a carpenter make one for you. If you want something vintage, you may be able to find a piece such as an old wrought iron fence that can be transformed into a headboard. Old or new, just remember to exercise safety in buying bedroom pieces like these.

Final Thoughts

Still think redecorating is reserved for the rich? Paint, wood, mirrors, pillow, plants, and a lot more. Add a touch of imagination and see how far you can take that old bedroom into an entirely new one.

About Mark Brandon:

I am a regular contributor to Safe and Sound Property Inspections blog and other home improvement sites. I’m very family-oriented and loves being in the shed or help my mates with their houses.
You can catch me via Google+ or Twitter: @MarkBrandon01

Sunday, 27 April 2014


They say that a kid lives inside each of us and honestly, I agree! The only problem is we don’t usually find opportunities to give in to the whims of the child.

When it comes to decorating your kid’s room I think one should let loose that inner child. I am sure, lots of you are thinking about how one room will fit in with the perfectly synchronized setup of the rest of the house. This is the time when you should remind yourself “IT’S A KID’S ROOM”. This is the one place when you can step out of the norm and go wild!

Kids love colorful and loud things and after all shouldn’t your kid love the room that they’re going to live in? Here, colorful doesn’t mean you turn the whole room into a rainbow but rather add colors to the room in a way that stands out and isn’t heavy on the eyes.

Colorful quilts and pillows:

If your furniture is a standard color then a fun way to color up the room and give the room a happy, fun atmosphere is by using colorful bed sheets, quilts and pillows etc. Adding colors to the bed corner will brighten the room and expand the room quite a bit.

If it’s a baby your shopping for then bright colors will attract your baby’s attention, not to mention it will look absolutely brilliant.  The bedding is the center piece of the room whether it’s a proper bed or a crib for your baby. Hence accenting it with bright colors will sure make the whole room revolve around its center piece.


Walls are the dominating factor in any room and kid’s room is no exception. If you want to add color to your child’s room and make sure it shouts out the essence of being a kid and more specifically your kid then painting your walls with a nice catchy color is sure to get the job done.

Here, painting the wall isn’t everything. You could go for a theme for your kid’s room. Wallpapers are the new paint and with the amount of choices in the market, no two rooms will be the same. You could have a famous cartoon character as a theme or go for something completely unique. Mix and match or just plain old color synch will make your room unique and give your kid’s room that something extra.

Bed Sets:

Bed set isn’t always the most obvious choice when you’re trying to color up your kid’s room. But believe me when I tell you that though a lot of people aren’t doing it, this is one style that is a definite eye catcher. Whether it’s the desk, the sofa or the complete bedding and shelving etc. having colorful furniture is a sure fire way to make a bold statement and your kid is going to love it.

Thinking out of the box isn’t something most people are comfortable with but when you try it out once in a while you’d be surprised at the results. Your kid’s room will be the envy of all the other kids not to mention quite a few parents as well.

Bookcase Bed:

One excellent option when it comes to your kid’s furniture is a bookcase bed. It saves a ton of space and allows you to decorate your room, store toys and other stuff and will highlight the bed space even more than usual.

Bookcase beds come in different colors as well as regular standard colors. They emphasize the bedding and make the room more spacious and lively. Having a bookcase bed or a bunk bed allows for more space within the room for other things and fun activities as well as coloring up the room, if not by its own color than by the color of the things on those shelves.

Writing Desk:

Writing desks are a vital part of a kid’s furniture and with the many designs and styles available in the market, there is never any shortage of colorful desks. Just like bookcase beds, writing desks can fulfil your colorful dreams by either being colorful themselves or by portraying colors with the help of the things on the desk.
Writing desks allow your child to study there, store his or her stuff and in general have a corner for creative and academic interests. If you room is colorful with a regular white or brown desk, this will highlight the desk and vice versa. This means that you can come up with a huge amount of combinations and choices for your room that will never be the same for any other.


These are the little things that though individually may not look like much but when put together in a room will highlight your kid’s room’s theme or focus point. Whether it’s stickers to put up on the wall, pictures, cloth hangings, stuffed toys or other décor pieces etc. these little details are what make up a room and a kid’s room in particular is highlighted by these little accessories.

Having colorful décor pieces on a desk or shelf, stuffed toys decorating the bed and room all around or wall hangings, picture frames etc. loitering on the walls is a perfect way to give a touch of your own personal style and taste and will accentuate the room beautifully.

When it comes to a child’s room there is so much more you can do than any other room in the house, so many colors you can play with, so many different styles and designs you can utilize and the best part is that you don’t have to hold back. You can go all in and there will be no judgment or wrong moves you could make there. So give your kid’s a special room that they will love to call their own and that you will love setting up.

Friday, 8 November 2013

5 Practical Ideas to Personalize Your Walls

High-impact wall decorating on a budget has never been easier. Visit home improvement stores and flea markets to find décor pieces made from various unique materials, from paper to fabric. Or you can do it in the comfort of your home: browse the Internet and you’ll discover DIY ideas that require either new materials or your existing kitchen items.

Creativity and resourcefulness on your walls can magically transform a regular room to a spectacular space. Go ahead and try your hand in it. Here are 5 unique wall decoration ideas that you can finish in a short span of time and with a limited budget.

Creativity Right Above Your Head

Your bedroom should have the most personal design in your home. For couples, you can hang a series of 3 or 4 photos from your wedding or favorite travel moments above the headboard. For the poet, you can put up verses of your own work in separate frames. Or you can just use cheap but beautiful prints.

If frames aren’t your thing, you can place open shelves or racks where you can put your personal collection of souvenirs from your travels or your favorite toys. If you’ve got a talent for painting or stenciling, you might want to do a mini-mural, instead of a real headboard.

Livelier Living Room

Make the most of the sunlit area in your living room by hanging framed prints of butterflies, birds, or flowers on that plain section of the wall beside the window. The bright hues of the subjects will create a colorful splash on the initially neutral room. Breathe more life to the area in a subtle way by adding lamps, throw pillows, and other accessories that echo the colors of the framed prints.

Buy easy-to-assemble wood frames from a thrift shop and customize them with stain or paint. You can choose a dark wood stain or a bold orange paint, depending on the overall design you wish to show. Or if you got a painted frame, you can make it into something shabby but sophisticate by roughing it up with sand paper.

Big Ideas for Your Small Kitchen

The kitchen, especially a tiny one, is one area often devoid of décor in most homes. Well, it shouldn’t be or doesn’t have to be. You probably don’t even have to buy anything new to brighten it up. Check what you have in your stockroom or cupboard.

  • If you’ve got a collection of miniature cups and saucers, don’t let them accumulate dust in its boxes; display some of them in open shelves above the window or simply on top of the cabinets.
  • You can also make a collage of favorite spices in dry leaf form - basil, bay, laurel, oregano, rosemary, and thyme. Arrange them on boards and frame and hang them. .
  • Look at the pots and pans that you use. Place pegs or hooks on an empty wall near your stove; make sure you put spaces in between enough for you to hang all your pots and pans. This arrangement becomes your organizer and décor in one. .

A Love for Literature

Bring out your collection of worn or tattered books with interesting covers. Detach those fanciful front covers and frame them. These will make great wall décor pieces for your reading corner, study room, or bedroom. If, however, you want to keep the book in one piece, scan the cover in full color or in black and white, instead.

Your Kids’ Gallery

Add a touch of childhood fancy to any room in your home by framing your children’s artwork. Show your pride in your kids’ creations and let your kids feel special. You can choose the hallway or the stairway to hang them. You can install a cork board if you want the children themselves to do the pinning of their artwork.

Once you’re finished decorating your wall, don’t forget to take time to appreciate your labor of love. Your wall won’t look blank and boring anymore. In fact, don’t be surprised if you’ll feel even more inspired to add some more furniture and accessories to further improve the look of your new room or home.

About the Author - Raquel Merc is a writer and a homemaker. She has recently contributed a variety of articles on home management and improvement. These include tips and ideas on practical matters like gardening, interior design, and even kit homes.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Ho, Ho, No – Santa-Free Winter Décor

Sometimes winter feels like little more than frozen gray slush piles and red fat suits. Winter décor can seem equally sparse or simply aimed at pleasing children. Many of us want to change up with the season, but without solely focusing on Christmas. You’ve already learned how to winterize your bedroom, but there are many ideas for the rest of the home.

I’m forever wondering why winter-trimmings seem to mimic the outside world: trees, branches and ornaments artfully flocked with fake snow, shiny plastic icicles, themes in cool silvery tones and stark white. Unless you live in a climate that’s never seen a single snowflake, you’ll probably want to leave the cold weather outdoors.

Don’t be afraid to avoid the typical red and green overload. Sure, good tidings abound and Kris Kringle is the man of the hour, but there’s no need to go Griswold and turn your home into a shrine to goodol’ Saint Nick. I’ve always been wondering what those yard inflatable’s do with a power bill…

Warmth and comfort are the keys here. Plush carpeting becomes a snuggly focal point. If you’ve got hardwood or laminate flooring, consider a cozy area rug for the duration of the season. Plump pillows and soft throw blankets draped on your sofa and chairs are inviting for guests. Heavy drapes double as a form of insulation over frosty windows, so consider adding some padding to your window treatments.

Soft lighting schemes are one of the quickest ways to get cozy for winter. Candles are at the top of the list, but seriously, be careful. It’s little surprise that December is the number one month for candle fires starting in the home. White colored Christmas lights are a fun lighting choice year-round but obviously fit in best during the winter months. Outfit your accent lamps with lower wattage (or even yellow-y) bulbs for intimate, ambient lighting.

The internet must have been designed to give us inspiration for fun crafting projects. Wreaths and garlands featuring natural elements like evergreen boughs and pine cones are a classic. Consider the myriad of decorative and ornamental uses for things like cranberries, acorns, cinnamon sticks, apples or whole cloves. Dried plants and flowers are seasonally accurate and look rustic. Potted bulbs, such as canna lilies, can brighten the mood.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, let it be your centerpiece during winter. Wood burning fireplaces are ideal, and a pain, so don’t rule out the fake kind – there are portable gas and electric versions available for any home. Even if you just have a mantle without a fireplace, consider throwing a couple candles in there to highlight it.

Jonathon Ensor is a freelance design blogger for Empire Today. He prefers a Solstice bonfire to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and, as a result, expects to find coal in his stocking.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Banish the Blues: Bring Warmth to Your Bedroom this Winter

It’s difficult to admit, especially after what turned out to be something of a glorious summer, but the winter is fast approaching. Dark mornings and chillier evenings are signalling the arrival of the colder weather and with it, the temptation to withdraw indoors and while away the winter months sipping tea and piling on the pounds to stave off the icy chills!

With that in mind, it’s important that our little caves are up to the job of harbouring us for a long winter of hibernation. When it’s cold, we all love to hideout in our bedrooms, where we can truly relax in our most comfortable (and often most unattractive) clothing. That’s why I've created these top tips for bringing some much needed warmth to your bedroom this winter.


No one is saying that you have to completely redecorate your bedroom in time for winter. On the contrary, you can enhance the warmth and the inviting feel of your room with a few simple additions.

Naturally, the focal point of any bedroom is the bed - so when you’re looking to alter the design or feel of a room, this is the place to start. Adding cushions and a throw is a simple and relatively inexpensive measure that will increase the sense of opulence and comfort in your bedroom, which is just what you’re looking for on those chilly December nights! When I want to add warmth and decadence, nothing serves me better than gold. That’s why I love this range of gold cushions and throws from


I’m of the firm opinion that televisions should be banished from bedrooms. Your boudoir should be a sanctuary free from harsh noise and mental stimulation, which is why I despair at people who insist on having a flat screen at the bottom of the bed!

That said, I also believe that your bedroom should offer more than a place to rest your head. Armchairs are a great addition to any bedroom, and provide the perfect spot for curling up with a good book and a warm blanket, when the wind and rain are lashing the windows.

This classic leather chair from the range of designer chairs at Cult Furniture, in the iconic Mies van de Rohe style, is perfect for adding style and sophistication to your room, while providing a wonderfully warm place to snuggle up in when you’re in need of some alone time.

(Miesvaan de Rohe Style Vintage Chair, in Brown Leather, £349.00, available at Cult Furniture.)


It’s dark for the majority of theharsh British winter, so we’re left with little alternative but to create our own lighting. It goes without saying that when you’re trying to create a warm atmosphere, lighting is a crucial tool. Opt for yellow, as oppose to harsher white light and use table lamps for a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Jack Collier is an interior design enthusiast, with a passion for creating unique and distinctive room designs, writing on behalf of CultFurniture

Thursday, 4 July 2013

5 safety tips for your kid’s bedroom

When you are thinking to plan for your kid’s room you should be very much careful and selective while procuring their bedroom accessories. The room should be colorful and attractive but along with being eye catching it should also be secure and comfortable. To make their bedroom applicable from both aspects i.e.; the decorative and the functional you should be well aware of the main points which are related to the kid’s room décor.  

Among all of the points the most important yet essential point to ponder is their room should be safe and secure for your kids. The very simple test to check the safety of their room is, while leaving your kids alone in their room you should be fully relaxed. You cannot stay all the time beside your kids, so plan their room in such a way that there won’t be any risk when they are alone in their corner. 

Following are some of the tips regarding planning the kid’s room with all of the safety measures. You can check them all and it will guide you in a proper way.
Have a look!

Furniture selection:
While selecting furniture for your kids always consider their age level. Do not purchase bunk bed or a mid sleeper beds for kid less than 7 years. Though these beds are provided with safety rails and the staircase is also very secure to climb up on the beds, but the kid under 7 years cannot handle the staircase safely. They are gamy and are thrilling so they will definitely try to play randomly with the bed. So, instead of any sort of undesired situation in the future you should be very selective.

Other then this the bed for less than 7 years old kid should be provided with a short height and with smooth edges. This will prevent your child from falls and injuries. 

Windows and doors:
Kids love climbing activities and they even try to climb over windows which results in injuries and damages. To prevent your kids from such an undesired situation keep your windows high, means they should be away from your kid’s reach. Other than this you can also fix additional protective iron grill.
In case of doors, do not fix any locks within your kid’s range, they might try to lock them up which could be hazardous.  

Kids often sit and play on floor surface they are more informal in their behaviors. It’s kind of unhygienic to let them play on a plain surface and may cause injuries upon falling accidently. So instead of marking boundaries on his activities, always keep their room covered with a smooth carpet which will be safe for your kid health. 

Electricity outlets:
Most of the kids try to insert fingers in switches which is undoubtedly harmful. So, firstly try to keep all of the switches out of their range and if there are any switch boards or light fixtures within their range, then keep it covered with a reliable tape. 

Toys and games:
Kid’s room cannot be imagined without toys and games but it’s your duty to pick all safe toys. Do not add up edgy toys; try to pick all soft stuff toys for them. 

So, these were the few safety tools which should be added to your kid’s room. 

Author Bio:
Alisha is a young and talented interior design specialist who likes exploring newer avenues of interior design. In addition to pursuing a rapidly progressing career at a multinational interior design firm for past 3 years, she also write for a reputable online furniture mart named Our World Of Interiors, which offers a comprehensive range of bedroom furniture; beds, sofa beds and mattresses being their specialties. 


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Keep Your Living Space Fresh: Seasonal Cues for Home Décor

From crisp, red-leafed fall days, to white-blossomed spring afternoons, nature is in a perpetual and captivating state of change that never fails to affect us. We thrive on sunny afternoons spent in the garden and crunchy walks through morning snow. With so much variety in the world around our dwellings to inspire us, the space within is often left surprisingly unchanged.Instead of allowing our homes to remain forever the same, why not harness the appeal of the shifting seasons to decorate our living spaces and keep them fresh year round?

Applying seasonal themes to home décor doesn't require elaborate or costly measures. By keeping four simple elements in mind, anyone can quickly and easily give a room an appealing seasonal motif that will have friends asking for your decorator’s name.


In the fall and winter, our eye is drawn to darker, earthier tones—the yellows and reds of changing leaves, the dark browns of bare limbs, and the muted orange of a harvest pumpkin. In warmer months, bright greens, sky-blues, and whites are more prevalent. Opportunities to introduce these changing tones into a room are nearly endless, and include throws, blankets, slip covers, pillows, curtains, mantle pieces, and framed art.


Warmer seasons are best captured by accessories that are thin, smooth, and flat. As a starting point, fabrics like cotton or gauze work well. For fall and winter, thicker alternatives like fleece, canvas, or wool work best. A fleece blanket draped over a sofa, a few fluffy pillows, and a woven wool throw are a few quick and easy ways to bring winter to your living room.


Which rooms you choose to makeover using seasonal cues, and the arrangement of furniture therein does make a difference. Try to begin with rooms that will see frequent use like kitchens, living, or dining rooms in order to showcase your ideas.When rearranging large objects in these areas, think about close-spaced, cozy arrangements for the colder months. Open, airy, and flowing floor plans are better suited to spring and summer.


This is a broad category, and can run the gamut from tiny accent pieces to more obvious things like framed art. If the latter is more your speed, consider heavy-framed oils for fall and winter, emphasizing colors like burgundy, ochre, and tan. Spring and summer are more suited to watercolor pieces that use brighter tones. If you prefer a less-traditional approach, there are several possibilities to keep in mind, including scents, lighting, organic elements, and holiday accents.

Scents-Essential oils, potpourris, and aromatic plants can provide seasonal scents like cinnamon and pine for winter, or citrus and cotton for summer.

  •       Lighting-Warm temperatures are about open, brightly lit spaces. Consider reducing window coverings for more sunlight, and rearranging lamps to achieve this atmosphere. Winter interiors, while well-lit, should possess a different quality of light. Think about clever arrangements using heavier curtains, sideboard lamps, and light from a fireplace or candles.

  •          Organic Elements-When you bring the outdoors into your home the possibilities are endless. Some ideas include vases or jars filled with seasonal plants and flowers, baskets filled with fruits, gourds, acorns or pine cones, and mantle or centerpieces of cut branches, grasses, or cornstalks.  Whatever route you take, remember that odd numbers and non-uniform arrangements are closer to what’s found in nature—cluster things in groups of one, three, or five.

  •          Holiday Accents-As appealing as inflatable snowmen can be, adding holiday accents to home décor doesn't have to be quite so overt.  A few strategically placed strings of lights and a basket of ornaments, or a small wreath and garland combination of seasonal plants—winter or spring—can add a festive holiday flavor to any seasonal interior. 

  •       By keeping these tips in mind, you can bring the best the changing seasons have to offer into your home. Just remember:  there are no definite rules —the approaches and ideas are as varied as the seasons, so have fun.

Edward Stuart is an art and decoration enthusiast as well as an online publisher for He frequently blogs on the topics of art, art history, design, and home decor.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Tips to Give Your Bedroom An Elegant Look

Sleeping chamber has its own prominence amongst the other rooms in a house. It is the place that melts your worries and makes you to be yourself when you enter inside. Everyone has own choices to style their bedroom. Here are few tips which help you to enrich your bedroom even it is small.

Lights: Using soft lights gives a different texture and elegant look to your bedroom. For light and royal fixture you can use ceiling, pendant, cove and recessed illuminates. Use low-powered bulbs; overhead lamps to give a slight natural feel to your room.

Colors: Be particular about choosing the colors as it makes the illusion of spaciousness. Pick the right colors according to your taste that also resembles your personality. You can choose lighter shades as they give a spacious mien to your bedroom. Use the bright and light colors such as pink, blue, white and yellow to paint your wall which can alter overall look of the chamber.

Themes: There are various themes which can be used such as modern, antique older, color and others. Design your room with the theme that emanate your personality. Organize cases of pillows and sheets with the wall paint color as to make elegance and balance sense.

Furnishing: Emphasize your chamber with lavish fabrics and furniture which give a graceful look. To make it grand, add the silk curtains that also bring a charm of fairy tale. Display the paintings, pictures and posters on your walls with a little artistry. Organize the shelves in a proper way which includes grace to the room.

Usage of space: Arrange your furniture in a good manner. Categorise things to essentials and unwanted. Dispose the unnecessary things and give importance to the needs. Shape the room with the furnishing according to importance and efficiency. The best Sense of organising aid you with the space to essentials.

Decors: Decorations such as tunnel or oval shaped lamps, antique vases, hangings, carpets, wallpapers, designer arts and so on can be used. Make sure to choose the color of the window curtains that doesn’t contrast your bedroom color theme. Keep the fresh flower on the top of your table as to give a natural and stylish gesture to your chamber.

Flooring: Based on the theme which you choose the flooring will be done accordingly. There are various flooring that can be chosen such as cork, vinyl, bamboo, natural-hardwood, marble, linoleum and many others.  Vinyl flooring can be used throughout the house as it is manufactured with the synthetic materials which protect the surface prominently. The other flooring also has its own significance's that enhance your bedroom mien. Pick the best one which comforts you.

Use the decors, lights, themes, furnishing and other which express your individual style. You can make a contract with the renovation experts or you can do yourself by taking advice from professionals. Make a list and buy the accessories that give a graceful look. Use credit cards and savings to make to pay the outlays. In case, if the expenditure of renovation ends up with the amount which is beyond your budget, you can opt for same day cash loans which are short-term credits that can be paid on your next pay cheque.

About the Guest Author: 

My name is Emily Roberts.  I am a tech writer from UK.  I am into Finance.  Catch me

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How to Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

A child is the heart and soul of any family. Children make homes more lovable and welcoming. It’s necessary to pay attention to the decor of a child’s room so that their innocence and energy finds place to spread wings. A child’s bedroom is a place that should ideally reflect happiness and playfulness. Their colorful world must be created keeping in mind their energy and playful nature. Along with making their innocent world vibrant and bright enough thought must be given to their safety and comfort as well. Here are a few points to keep in mind while decorating your child’s world with love and enthusiasm.

Ensure a secure atmosphere: Every child is precious to its parents and no one wants to take risk with a child’s safety. To provide a secure environment to a child in the bedroom must be the first priority of a kid’s bedroom decor endeavor. Make sure that the kids’ accent furniture, kids’ bed, bean bag chairs and other stuff that you plan to use in the kids’ bedroom are safe, comfortable and durable. Avoid metallic furniture that has sharp edges and angles. Select soft and comfortable pieces for the decor. Quality is one factor that you cannot compromise upon when you are doing up your kids’ bedroom.

Provide a hygienic environment: Maintenance of a kid’s room is a huge factor for any family. The energy and playfulness of the kids can create a mess of even the most effectively maintained rooms. Make certain that you have an easy to maintain furniture set along with a washable paint or wallpaper on the walls. Regular cleaning and maintaining the room can keep off the dust and allergies at bay. Keep the rugs lightweight so that it will be easier to maintain regularly. 

Keep the space modular: Children need space for playing and spending their energy properly. A cluttered atmosphere will curb their movement and make them feel restricted. To offer them space the furniture in their room must be arranged in such a manner so as to create as much space as possible for the young ones to have a good time. Decorating the room with multi-functioning and modular furniture like bunk beds, beds with storage space, cabinet cum desks, multipurpose wardrobes and other such stuff can create beautiful space for the kids to enjoy their games in the comfort of their rooms.

Create storage area: It goes beyond saying that you need lots of storage area in your kid’s room. The various pieces of clothing, numerous toys, activity stuff and lots of other things make this area a perfect place to create a big storage. But with space constraints it is not always possible to have huge storage spaces. So, to keep the area clutter free and organized, use colorful boxes and storage cubes. Neatly pile the clothes in cabinets. Teach your child to stack the toys in storage drawers or cubes meant especially for the purpose. Attractive and colorful furniture will generate your child’s interest to use it. Make it a point to let your child know where to store or find which stuff.

Keep the decor relevant: A child will feel more comfortable and happy in a room that has been decorated keeping in mind the tastes and choices of the little one. A theme based on baseball or cars will go well with any little boy while canopy style beds, Barbie themed decor and pink color on the walls will make any little girl feel like a princess in her room. Soft cuddly toys will prove to be their playmates when alone in their room. Select the wall pains or wall papers as well as the window treatments that follow their dream theme. Use bedding ensembles that include the bed linens and the comforters which carry the same theme or at least the same color combination. Add variously styles pillows and rugs to make the room more attractive for them. Last but not the least, keep the whole setting soft and comfortable for them to enjoy in a playful environment.   

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Adding a Personal Touch to Your Bedroom

We all take to magazines and various websites to get ideas for remodeling or redecorating our homes. But sometimes, no matter how beautifully you design your room, or stick to a certain theme; you may still feel like your bedroom isn't "you." For example, you may have the modernist look down pat, but it would feel "empty" if it didn't have elements that reflect you and your personality. Here are some quick ideas on how you can add that personal touch to your bedroom.

Have a Memorabilia Area

A lot of people do away with stuff from yesteryear's thinking it will only add to room clutter. But those trophies, travel keepsakes, printed photographs, concert tickets, etc. can be organized in a creative way that adds not only a personal touch to your bedroom, but also even provide accent in your decor. Just make sure that you keep the trinkets confined to one general area. If you're going to use frames and display trophies, keep them all in one section of the room by dedicating a stand, table, or shelf compartments for your memorabilia.

Use Custom-Made Sheets/Bedspreads/Draperies

Personalized sheets and bedspreads are not exactly a new idea, although lately they are becoming more and more popular. Now just because it's personalized doesn't mean your sheets should have your face on them. It could be as simple as being able to choose the combination of specific colors, patterns, designs that you want for your bed. Say you have a "dream room" that you want to replicate, and you have covered everything from arrangement to wall colors, etc. but you can't find the same sheets and bedspreads, or anything close to it, at your local stores. Having your sheets custom-made would give you exactly what you want and need.

Paint the Wall/s with Your Favorite Color

If you don't own the property, there might be certain restrictions you have to be mindful of - especially when it comes to renovating or redecorating the rooms. If you're not quite sure if your landlady allows tenants to repaint the walls (if you're renting), but you're itching for a room makeover, just paint one wall with your favorite color. This will give your rented room a more personal touch, make it feel more "you," AND could serve as your accent wall too. This will also make it easier to fix if you ever change your mind.

Display Your Needle and Craft Works

Not everyone is blessed with the talent to create things with their hands. So if you're into arts and crafts, display your works in various areas around the room where you think they'd fit and blend in. This works even better if your works also count as some of your favorite things that really reflect your personality. Seeing things you made will instantly make your bedroom feel cozier and give it a sense of that familiar comfort.

Accessorize or Customize Your Headboard

If your room already looks straight out of a magazine, you might be hesitant to add or subtract elements for fear of ruining the whole look of the place. In this case, a good compromise for making your bedroom reflect your personality is by adding accessories that you like and/or tweaking your headboard. If you don't have one, you can easily make one and this is where your creativity and personality comes in. Whether you want your room to be modernist or vintage chic, you can easily design a headboard that goes with the theme of the room and lends it a more personal touch at the same time.

Don't forget that no matter how small a detail you add in your room, it does and will have an effect on the overall look. Pay attention to details -- add personal accessories and trinkets where you can.

About the Author: Elena Morgan uses decorative pillows to add personality to her own bedroom. She loves finding creative ways to accent a room.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Top 10 Strangest Beds in the World

People spend one third of their lives in bed, so it is important to have comfortable bedroom furniture. Aside from comfort, how about looking for a different sleeping experience in a book, magnetic field or a bird's nest?

Space savers

 A book bed not only provides a comfortable night's sleep, it can save space in the bedroom. During the day, the two covers of the book can lie on the floor as a play area or a low table. At night, you open the book to find that its leaves are duvets and pillows.If you think you can sleep standing up, try a vertical bed. It looks like a giant marshmallow leaning against a wall. A body-shaped mould makes a wrap-around sleeping space.


Fall asleep while floating in the air on a magnetic bed. Industrial strength magnets provide enough power to allow the bed to float in the air and support a weight of about 900 kilogrammes (1,900 pounds). Four wires tether it to the walls to stop it floating away in a strong gust of wind.

Create your own sleeping space with fabric-covered sofa balls. They look like huge cuddly marbles that allow you to arrange them in any shape or pattern anywhere in your house.

If you've always enjoyed hammocks, why not create a hanging bed? Use ropes, chains or strong steel wires to suspend the bed from the ceiling or from irregular corners in a loft space. The bed can be arranged to remain still or it can rock as you sleep. Another advantage is lots of under-bed storage space.

Wrap around

Surround yourself with sound in a sonic bed. It looks like a vast wooden tank furnished at the bottom with a comfortable mattress, duvet and pillows. Twelve or more loudspeakers installed in the bed walls surround all parts of your body with sound. You could even install a light show for the ultimate psychedelic sleeping experience. Paint the outside walls to match other white bedroom furniture sets.

Take yourself away from the world in a Lomme bed. It uses color and sound therapy to isolate you from the world and lets you wake up fully refreshed in the morning.

Pretend you are a little chick in a bird's nest bed. Pieces of wood that emulate twigs form the outer rim, while the inside is a padded floor space and walls. There are lots of different-sized shapes and pillows inside the nest that may be added to or taken away to create more room.

Ghoulish sleepers can buy a coffin bed. This is a large version of the ultimate casket, though the mattress and wall linings are more comfortable. It can be finished in a mahogany or an ebony stain and even fitted with latches for those who would like to play Dracula hiding from the morning light.

You don't have to be James Bond to protect yourself in an anti-terrorist bed. This bed seals you inside as you sleep and will isolate you from biological attack, stalkers, kidnappers and natural disasters such as earthquakes. The frame is strong enough to protect you from falling masonry. There are two-way mirrors that allow you to watch events or intruders on the outside while you call for help from your mobile.