Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Hottest Patio Furniture Trends for Summer 2017

Hot summer days are already here, and now is a great time to work on your patio or porch if you haven’t already. New outdoor furniture options, as well as appliances and outdoor kitchens, can make any outdoor area as comfortable as the interior.  

Some homeowners are concerned with the fact that the summer has already started and their patio furniture is outdated. But, as the experts at Skylar’s Home and Patio claim, the right time to buy furniture is whenever you are ready.

Cold, streamlined and concrete patios are out this season, as new trends emerged and took the home design world by storm. Natural materials, outdoor living areas and retro design are back in cool, calming colors.

Indoor Layouts Outside

The indoor designs are moving away from your living room and onto your patio! Homeowners are adding outdoor rugs, side tables and lots of furniture outside to transform their patio or porch into a comfortable living outdoor area.

This way, your backyard and patio can become an extension of your indoor living area. You can achieve this look by going for furniture that looks like it was made for the indoors and spice it up with items such as layered blankets and pillows.

Retro Furniture

Ornate plastic and wrought iron furniture are out this seasons, as retro-style furniture is reemerging. Homeowners are going for wooden or woven furniture for its rich texture and retro vibe. The 70’s-style rattan has become a huge trend, both for indoor and outdoor furniture.

Colorful Woven Furniture

While we’re on the subject of woven furniture, even though it has its roots deep in tradition, designers are finding new ways to make these pieces interesting and appealing to a younger generation of homeowners. This gave birth to woven furniture that comes in non-traditional colors like light blue. This pairs well with darker hues common for traditional outdoor furniture and design.

Natural Materials

In line with the previous entries, we’re seeing a lot more of natural materials as opposed to concrete furniture. Wood and other natural materials like teak are ideal for a traditional, rustic patio.

Mosaic Table

Another surprising comeback on the list, mosaic tables are a huge trend both for accent and dining outdoor tables. Keeping in line with the previous items on this list, these vintage tables are made out of glass and natural stone or ceramic.

Bohemian Colors

Deep reds and oranges are a huge patio trend that still holds up this season. These colors go well with the rustic style that’s making comeback as well as natural materials and wooden finishes.

Calming Blue Tones

If you are not a fan of darker, bohemian hues, you can try to bring the seaside into your own yard using calming blues and striking greens instead. This style also works well with traditional furniture, especially woven pieces, but can be made edgier by using colorful pieces like yellow woven furniture.

Experiment with Colors

If neither trend looks appealing or fits your vision, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, textures and patterns. While this trend is mainly popular with younger homeowners, it will make any old patio look invigorated and new. Don’t hesitate to mix and match vibrant colors like bright orange and turquoise.


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