Wednesday, 28 June 2017

10 Most Fastest, Cheapest and Easy Home Decor Ideas

Browsing around for quick home décor ideas that are effortless and go smooth on your budget? These floor-to-ceiling decorating ideas are sure to provide not only visual appeal but will also stimulate your senses the positive way.

1.     Re-purpose Stuff

Look around your house to reuse unused & throwaway stuff in style because old and discarded things, especially are good to experiment with. Old suitcases and trunks may not be in use these days but why hide them away in your attic when they can serve as excellent side tables and ottomans with minor makeovers?

2.     Swap Things

The most convenient way to decorate your space is by inviting hand-me-downs and by exchanging stuff with family and friends. This way you can keep clutter at check and also ensure trash is put to the best use.  

3.     Love Your Floor

Just because rugs lie on your floor, we often forget that rugs add grace not only to your floor but also to the entire room. Perfect rugs especially custom area rugs can perfectly open up your room. With affordable custom rugs conveniently available online, you can be sure to get a perfect rug to suit all your needs.

4.     Dote On Your Wall

Walls are perfect to hold all your home décor dreams from wallpapers to DIY artwork due to the vast expanse of walls that make your home. Let your imagination run wild when it comes to utilizing your wall to the fullest.

5.     Get Crafty

Flaunt your crafty side by using leftover wallpaper to your advantage. With a wee bit of your time you can make use of wallpaper to adorn the insides of shelves and wardrobes. This is the cheapest way to add interesting patterns to plain storage fixtures.

6.     The Magic Potion

Paint is a magic potion that can bring about an instant change in your interiors. Paint a single wall a surprising color to create an accent wall and the best part is, you can finish this project with just one quart paint.

7.     Infuse Freshness

Indoor plants can add a breath of freshness to your home. If these plants are flowering shrubs, you can be sure to add sweet fragrance into your interiors.

8.     Nature's Free Stuff

Nature is its own decorator capable of changing its looks with every season. Why not use nature’s bounty to decorate your interiors? Natural stuff like wood, sea shells, pebbles and dry flowers can add charm even if you use them in their raw form.

9.     Light To Your Advantage

Table lamps, pendant lights and floor lighting are a convenient option to add a soft warmth and fascination to your space. These lighting fixtures work much better than bright overhead lights in your interiors.

10.      Minor Changes Huge Impact

A change in slip-in covers, upholstery, drapes, table covers, cabinet handles and window treatments are a convenient way to change your interior outlook. Get on the mailing list of your favorite store to avail crazy deals on these home improvement stuff.

Author Bio: This article was written by Lubna Ali Khan. She loves interior designing, home décor and DIY projects. 


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