Monday, 15 July 2013

Change Your Mood, Change Your Flower

Flowers have been a symbol for happiness for as long as anyone can remember. Flowers represent joy and friendship—but now there is actual proof that this is true.

With technology constantly growing and impacting our everyday lives, it’s essential to try and get away from it all, and regain the peace and calmness you need in your life. What better way to do that than have flowers in your home, or yard? It’s a simple fix, and results in an overall better mood, and a less-stressful state of mind. 

Not to mention, flowers are gorgeous.

Flowers give an immediate impact of happiness, and can be easily shown. Where do people usually place or plant flowers: where other people can see them. Flowers have turned into representation of “sharing”. Having flowers throughout your home also present you as a welcoming and giving person.
When flowers are shared amongst friends, it creates a stronger sense of friendship and intimacy between people. You can see and feel their true love and happiness come out as soon as you share this moment. 

Not only do flowers do all of this for you, but it helps connect you better to your social life. When given flowers, people are more likely to keep in touch with friends, or invite/be invited to social functions. Who knew flowers could also represent another platform for social media? 

By having flowers sporadically placed throughout your home, it can also give you a sense of permanence. Flowers take care and needing over time; because of this, it can make your apartment, rental home, or current state of living, seem more like a “home” for you—enhancing your positive mood. 

Flowers are also shown as helping the elderly retain memory longer! The powers of flowers are real—both in healing, and in overall mental happiness. Even placing them at your work environment can help you become more productive and less anxious—tell that to your employer! 

In all, flowers are the perfect remedy to any depression or lack of excitement in your life. By receiving or giving one simple flower, you are exchanging positive and rewarding moods to help enhance your day! So do the right thing, and pick the flower. 

Staci Thomas is an interior design specialist and gardener. When she’s not busy disrupting her dog’s latest archaeological exploration in her garden, she writes for Gaddy’s Plant Hire, specialists in office plant supplies.


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