Saturday, 20 July 2013

5 Grill Accessories Every Home Owner Needs This Summer

Rotisserie grills are easy to work, and offer you with a very simple way to make flavorful and delicious meals for your entire yourself, family, or even an entire dinner party. Having the correct accessories for your grill is essential so you can maximize your various cooking options your grill will offer you, and get both convenience and variety. While many people think golden brown, delicious, and juicy rotisserie style turkey or chicken when they break out their grill, when you have the proper accessories, you can nearly cook any types of meat with it.


1. Thermometer

Having a decent meat thermometer is important to prepare your meals successfully with your grill. This does due to you not know if your chicken, beef, ribs, or turkey, are cooked fully and safe enough to eat unless you find out if the internal temperature is adequate enough. There are several different types of meat thermometers, and although you will not have to buy one that is loaded with all the bells and whistles, it is a good idea to do so. Some types of thermometers provide indicators that tell you if your dinner is cooked fully based on the meat type, and tell the temperature too.

2. Grill basket


Although wrapping your fish and vegetables in foil on your grill offers heat insulation, it does not always allow for that smoky grill flavor to get inside. Having a grill basket will help since it holds small and delicate food intact and allows for the smoke to permeate inside the basket to provide that delicious BBQ flavor.

3. A good flipping tool

One common BBQ tool used to flip food on a grill is a pair of tongs or a spatula. These are both fairly inexpensive and you can get great deals on them with Home Depot Coupon Codes. You can try both to experiment which is better for different food types. Tongs are ideal for most food; however with either of the two, you will need to take care when flipping delicate food like fish. Another tool for flipping is a fork; however, this does pose the risk of piercing the meat which releases moisture while cooking.

4. Outdoor Fridge

Imagine the convenience of owning an outdoors fridge. You can keep prepared food next to the grill and get to it easily when you are ready to cook. The outdoor refrigerator comes in different sizes and prices. You can also find different accessories to go with it such as the beverage cooler, the drop-in ice chest, beverage cooler, pull-out drawers to easily store utensils and beer tap fridge!

5. Rib-o-lator

A common tool that is highly recommended for BBQ grilling is the rib-o-lator. This accessory easily converts your grill into your own rotisserie and is easy to install. It features a 4-tray design that is not typical of the ordinary rotisserie. It has trays which hold food that may be cooked by indirect heat. It also retains the meat's juices, tenderness, flavor and moistness while you cook a few meals at once.

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