Monday, 13 May 2013

5 Curb Appeal Ideas to Turn You Into the Neighborhood Rockstar

The outside of your house can say a lot about your home and what type of person you are. First impressions are of great importance whether you're attempting to sell your property or are simply looking to impress your visitors as well as yourself. By keeping your outdoor space looking its very best, it will make others want to see what's on the inside and will show that you care about appearances. Not keeping up with your outdoor space may not give off the best first impression and not show who you truly are. These 5 curb appeal ideas are sure to turn you into the neighborhood rock star all at an affordable rate.

1. The Front Door –
The front door of your home should be warm and inviting for visitors. It should be the focal point and stand out among the rest of your outdoor space while still blending with the rest of your fixtures. First, clean off your door to remove any dirt and then paint it an eye-popping color such as a vibrant red. Hand a wreath on the door for a welcoming look.

2. Outdoor Lighting –
If you currently have lighting around the outside doors of your home, clean them off and check to ensure that the bulbs are working. You'll want your home to look nice at night too. Next, install lovely landscape lighting around your trees or walking path. Opt for solar panel lights that are not required to be plugged in to work.

3. Potted Plants and Flowers –
If you are not good at planting, instead opt for potted plants and flowers that can be placed on your front porch or steps to give it some colorful appeal. Create an arrangement of various plants and flowers for your own little pre-potted garden that is easy to maintain and to move around.

4. Mailbox Makeover –
Your mailbox should express who you are as a family and your personality.There are many different types of mailboxes out there, so be sure to select one that compliments your home. This could be a black mailbox, white mailbox or stainless steel mailbox complete with your homes number and last name. You can even dress up your mailbox by planting flowers around it or by painting the wooden post to match your home’s exterior.

5. Mulching –
Simply re-mulching around your landscaping can change up the entire look of your outdoor space. Mulching should be done around twice a year. Choose a mulch that makes your flowers and plants pop such as red mulch, brown or black mulch.

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