Friday, 8 March 2013

Five New Home Designs that Are Becoming the Norm

Home designers are studying the way that people are living and incorporating new designs to address people's lifestyles. Since this is the new norm, home buyers should find designers that understand the way they live. These features are some of the most important to consider. 

Home Automation

Home automation helps to make home life easier. One of the most convenient home automation innovations is a thermostat that adjusts to provide a comfortable temperature. The device requires approximately seven days to learn the optimal temperature the inhabitants prefer the home. If the sensors detect that you are in the home, it automatically adjusts. 

Door Bot is also another form of home automation that is a video doorbell. To view people at your door whether you are at home or away, connect the device to the tablet and view who is ringing the bell from any location. Never miss the delivery man again or talk to unwanted solicitors. 

Solar Panels

Solar panels save home owners as much as 70 percent on energy bills. Even some mansions are using solar panels in addition to traditional electrical systems to make a more eco-friendly home. 

Bigger Garages

Home builders are building new homes with larger garages, but the garages are not being used for cars. Instead, the garages are being used for storage of golf carts and children’s toys. 

Homes within Homes

One-third of American adults are living in the household with another family or their parents. Home builders are compensating for this phenomenon by adding dual master suites. Separate apartments with their own bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and garage have also grown in popularity. 

Homes Plans That Fit the Way People Live

Home designers are putting laundry rooms where they are used the most—in the master bedroom. Instead of knitting rooms, designers are adding technology rooms. Large pantry rooms are being added to support items bought at bulk stores. These additions make it easier to navigate the home in the way people truly live.

New Home Designs Make Life Easier

People who want home plans for the way they live should consider what they want first. These new home designs elements will help make the lives of home buyers easier, more affordable, and more efficient. Find the best home designer to meet your needs for today and in the future. 

Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a blogger promoting Vivint, and usually writes about the home and family. She is also an avid cyclist and mother of one. 


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