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3 Laundering Techniques for Luxury Linens

Many times luxury linens require special care when it comes time to laundering. You want to preserve the materials that are often more plush or dense and find out which fabrics will shrink if dried. In this article we will discuss 3 laundering techniques for luxury linens and how to leave your laundry smelling fresh and crisp.

1. Dry Cleaning

Most sheets do not have to be dry cleaned. The only time you may consider dry cleaning sheets is when they have specialized stitching such as embroidery or custom designs that you do not want fading in a regular washing machine and dryer. Dry cleaning is the perfect solution for linen items such as a comforter, duvet cover or anything that is filled with down. You will want to make sure that special instructions are given to the dry cleaners when it comes to any heat being applied to your linens. The last thing you need is for your items to come back scorched,changed in color or with a loss of ply due to improper care.

2. Washer and Dryer

Most linen can be washed in the standard washer and dryer but there are specific requirements for each item. Shrinkage is something that happens when items are not washed correctly. While a small amount of shrinkage is normal over time, you can slow or halt the process with small steps when dealing with washing luxury linens.

If you can remember that linens that are washed in hot water and/or dried at a very hot temperature will shrink a great deal, you will be prepared to wash most laundry in warm water only. For most luxury linens though it is best to wash them in cold water and use the delicate or short cycle. If you can hang dry your items that will preserve the fabric. You will also want to avoid using a harsh laundry detergent. Look instead for a mild detergent that is especially made for delicate fabrics. Finally, if you remember to sort your whites and colors and wash them separately, this too will help preserve the life of your luxury linens.

3. Hand Washing

Hand washing your luxury linens is probably the best choice if possible. You should use cold water to extend the life of your fabric and once again, stay clear of the laundry soap that is harsh on this more delicate material. Once you have your items in a clean sink with water, swish the items around in the soapy water to gently clean them through and through without aggravating the fibers. Let the water out and rinse the sink before refilling it will more cool water. Keep rinsing and repeating the process until there is no more soapy water in the tub. When it is time to hang your linens to dry, do not try wringing them out with your hands.

Instead place them inside a towel and roll it up to absorb the moisture. Then place your linen flat on a drying rack. If you do decide to put the linens in the dryer, limit it to only five minutes to help take the wrinkles out and keep it to only a tumble dry with low heat. This may be the best method to use if you would like to preserve your items to be used as Guest House linens for when company stops by.

One other tip to think about when deciding what laundering method would be right for your luxury linens is to protect your pillows. You should get a zipped pillow protector. This is especially useful if you have hair coloring or use gel and other harsh hair products that can get into the fabric and cause damage to the material. If you are unsure of how to properly launder

any of your luxury linens, you should be able to find a manufacturer's tag on the inside of the item with cleaning instructions.

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