Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Setting up Your New Home According to Feng Shui Principles

Although mystical in origin, this ancient art studies the energies of the environment relevant to the spatial and geometrical patterns and inherent traits during construction of a place and its relationships with humans living and working there. The Chinese belief in qi or chi energy is vital to this idea and it actually bears a lot of weight since most human beings feel a lot more productive in environments where we have symmetry as a guiding principle, though this goes much deeper than that. What we are going to show you here are only a few principles of the complex art that is Feng Shui in connection to your home and the way you should set things up once you move in:

·        Close bedroom doors before going to bed, and make sure you install at least a curtain if you don't have a door.

·        Avoid placing couches and beds in front of sharp corners, if you are planning a construction of a new home make sure most if not all of the angles in that home are rounded out or simply do that during renovations.

·         When you're renovating or constructing a new home make sure no two doors are aligned.

·       When planning on setting up your bedroom make sure your bed doesn't touch a wall where a toilet, water pipe or fireplace chimney is present, as this will not be in accordance with the elements of Fire and Water and will disrupt the flow of chi in your bedroom.

·          Avoid placing moving water or large plants in your bedroom.

·         Avoid placing mirrors facing the bed in the bedroom. There are many reasons why mirrors should be avoided in a bedroom, some mystical, some purely psychological. A common belief among many cultures is that mirrors act as windows to other realities, or as Curt Vonnegut's character Kilgore Trout once said – they are “leaks”. Feng Shui on the other hand states that mirrors will sap your energy if placed near a bed in such a manner.

·         Avoid having your PC or TV in your bedroom and if you must have it there cover it up with a throw before going to bed or inside an armoire.

·         For the same reasons as those mentioned above don't place mirrors in front of your front door.

·         Avoid placing wind chimes over places where you sit or sleep.

·         Close windows and curtains before sleeping and open them up in the morning. This is mostly common sense since isolation is required for a good night's sleep.

·         Avoid placing too much emphasis on red colors in your bedroom. It is a very powerful color and should generally be avoided unless used in moderation.

·         Place fresh flowers around the house, but only at specified locations.

·         If you place any water features or anything similar make sure the water flows toward the center of the house.

·         De-clutter your home and avoid having heaps and piles of useless objects. Aim for pure lines and a sense of aesthetic when you walk around your home. This will bring you serenity and more energy.


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