Saturday, 13 October 2012

Turning Old Storage Space into Usable Areas

You’ve been eyeing that old storage space for some time now, wondering how you can find a way to utilize it other than a junk catch-all, right? If you are like most people, there is a space in your home or office that’s been collecting “stuff “ for quite some time, but now it needs to serve its purpose as a usable area. The good news is that you can easily turn any under-utilized storage space into a great new area for hobbies, organizing, work or play.

Once you’ve cleared out the junk, here are some ideas for turning any old storage room into a usable area for your home or office.

Hobby and Craft Room

Have a personal hobby like crafting, sewing, scrapbooking, woodwork or some other way to express your creative side? Then you need a personal hobby room! Choose the storage options you will need first, and then decide how much work area you will need to be comfortable. Some great options include a craft armoire with doors or under-desk storage drawers that can conceal your supplies. Or pick up some inexpensive books shelves and add baskets to store crafting supplies. For small hobby rooms, you may want to opt for wall storage that adjusts as your needs change.

Anywhere Book Nook

Love to read, but have no space to call your own? Try an easy to create book nook! From that space under your stairs to the back storage room of your house, you can turn any space into the perfect place to unwind with a good book (or e-reader). Find two book shelves and place them into a corner of the room. Add a comfortable chair, a reading lamp, and footstool for the ultimate in comfort. Add a room divider if you want to section this space off and have more privacy.

Exercise Space

It seems as if everyone is trying to lose weight and get in shape nowadays, but getting gym memberships can be costly and time consuming. Instead of worrying about it, why not turn that old storage space into a brand new workout center? In just a few hours and some creative thinking, your storage space can morph into your own gym. Replace worn out carpets with hard wood floors or indoor-outdoor carpeting, Paint walls in bright shades and add hooks for hanging exercise equipment. Add a second-hand treadmill, exercise bike, and free weights.

Breakfast Pantry/Dinette

Your kitchen may be small and you don’t have a place to entertain dinner guests, but did you know that you can turn any storage space into a breakfast dinette and pantry area? Start with wood or vinyl floors, and then add a touch of color in a soft shade of paint, new window coverings in a bright print, and an area rug. Pick up a low cost love-seat and a dinette table with side chairs to create a relaxing place to enjoy your favorite beverages. Add cupboards to one wall to store dry food items, extra dinnerware and linens.

Gaming and Play Area for the Kiddos

Kids need a lot of room to run and play, especially when bad weather makes it impossible for them to play outside. That old storage space can easily be whipped into an indoor playroom for your kids or a family entertainment room for your teens in just one weekend. Clear out all old items and start with a fresh coat of paint in a fun color, followed by light-filtering window treatments and new rugs. Add book shelves, a toy box or game storage cabinet, and some soft seating.

About the author: Marty Reardon has written for the home and garden industry for over a decade. After gaining extensive knowledge, Marty has shared his expertise with the blogging world. When he’s not writing, you can find him covering self storage in Naperville or fishing with his two young sons.


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