Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Top 10 Strangest Beds in the World

People spend one third of their lives in bed, so it is important to have comfortable bedroom furniture. Aside from comfort, how about looking for a different sleeping experience in a book, magnetic field or a bird's nest?

Space savers

 A book bed not only provides a comfortable night's sleep, it can save space in the bedroom. During the day, the two covers of the book can lie on the floor as a play area or a low table. At night, you open the book to find that its leaves are duvets and pillows.If you think you can sleep standing up, try a vertical bed. It looks like a giant marshmallow leaning against a wall. A body-shaped mould makes a wrap-around sleeping space.


Fall asleep while floating in the air on a magnetic bed. Industrial strength magnets provide enough power to allow the bed to float in the air and support a weight of about 900 kilogrammes (1,900 pounds). Four wires tether it to the walls to stop it floating away in a strong gust of wind.

Create your own sleeping space with fabric-covered sofa balls. They look like huge cuddly marbles that allow you to arrange them in any shape or pattern anywhere in your house.

If you've always enjoyed hammocks, why not create a hanging bed? Use ropes, chains or strong steel wires to suspend the bed from the ceiling or from irregular corners in a loft space. The bed can be arranged to remain still or it can rock as you sleep. Another advantage is lots of under-bed storage space.

Wrap around

Surround yourself with sound in a sonic bed. It looks like a vast wooden tank furnished at the bottom with a comfortable mattress, duvet and pillows. Twelve or more loudspeakers installed in the bed walls surround all parts of your body with sound. You could even install a light show for the ultimate psychedelic sleeping experience. Paint the outside walls to match other white bedroom furniture sets.

Take yourself away from the world in a Lomme bed. It uses color and sound therapy to isolate you from the world and lets you wake up fully refreshed in the morning.

Pretend you are a little chick in a bird's nest bed. Pieces of wood that emulate twigs form the outer rim, while the inside is a padded floor space and walls. There are lots of different-sized shapes and pillows inside the nest that may be added to or taken away to create more room.

Ghoulish sleepers can buy a coffin bed. This is a large version of the ultimate casket, though the mattress and wall linings are more comfortable. It can be finished in a mahogany or an ebony stain and even fitted with latches for those who would like to play Dracula hiding from the morning light.

You don't have to be James Bond to protect yourself in an anti-terrorist bed. This bed seals you inside as you sleep and will isolate you from biological attack, stalkers, kidnappers and natural disasters such as earthquakes. The frame is strong enough to protect you from falling masonry. There are two-way mirrors that allow you to watch events or intruders on the outside while you call for help from your mobile.


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