Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How to Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

A child is the heart and soul of any family. Children make homes more lovable and welcoming. It’s necessary to pay attention to the decor of a child’s room so that their innocence and energy finds place to spread wings. A child’s bedroom is a place that should ideally reflect happiness and playfulness. Their colorful world must be created keeping in mind their energy and playful nature. Along with making their innocent world vibrant and bright enough thought must be given to their safety and comfort as well. Here are a few points to keep in mind while decorating your child’s world with love and enthusiasm.

Ensure a secure atmosphere: Every child is precious to its parents and no one wants to take risk with a child’s safety. To provide a secure environment to a child in the bedroom must be the first priority of a kid’s bedroom decor endeavor. Make sure that the kids’ accent furniture, kids’ bed, bean bag chairs and other stuff that you plan to use in the kids’ bedroom are safe, comfortable and durable. Avoid metallic furniture that has sharp edges and angles. Select soft and comfortable pieces for the decor. Quality is one factor that you cannot compromise upon when you are doing up your kids’ bedroom.

Provide a hygienic environment: Maintenance of a kid’s room is a huge factor for any family. The energy and playfulness of the kids can create a mess of even the most effectively maintained rooms. Make certain that you have an easy to maintain furniture set along with a washable paint or wallpaper on the walls. Regular cleaning and maintaining the room can keep off the dust and allergies at bay. Keep the rugs lightweight so that it will be easier to maintain regularly. 

Keep the space modular: Children need space for playing and spending their energy properly. A cluttered atmosphere will curb their movement and make them feel restricted. To offer them space the furniture in their room must be arranged in such a manner so as to create as much space as possible for the young ones to have a good time. Decorating the room with multi-functioning and modular furniture like bunk beds, beds with storage space, cabinet cum desks, multipurpose wardrobes and other such stuff can create beautiful space for the kids to enjoy their games in the comfort of their rooms.

Create storage area: It goes beyond saying that you need lots of storage area in your kid’s room. The various pieces of clothing, numerous toys, activity stuff and lots of other things make this area a perfect place to create a big storage. But with space constraints it is not always possible to have huge storage spaces. So, to keep the area clutter free and organized, use colorful boxes and storage cubes. Neatly pile the clothes in cabinets. Teach your child to stack the toys in storage drawers or cubes meant especially for the purpose. Attractive and colorful furniture will generate your child’s interest to use it. Make it a point to let your child know where to store or find which stuff.

Keep the decor relevant: A child will feel more comfortable and happy in a room that has been decorated keeping in mind the tastes and choices of the little one. A theme based on baseball or cars will go well with any little boy while canopy style beds, Barbie themed decor and pink color on the walls will make any little girl feel like a princess in her room. Soft cuddly toys will prove to be their playmates when alone in their room. Select the wall pains or wall papers as well as the window treatments that follow their dream theme. Use bedding ensembles that include the bed linens and the comforters which carry the same theme or at least the same color combination. Add variously styles pillows and rugs to make the room more attractive for them. Last but not the least, keep the whole setting soft and comfortable for them to enjoy in a playful environment.   


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