Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Adding a Personal Touch to Your Bedroom

We all take to magazines and various websites to get ideas for remodeling or redecorating our homes. But sometimes, no matter how beautifully you design your room, or stick to a certain theme; you may still feel like your bedroom isn't "you." For example, you may have the modernist look down pat, but it would feel "empty" if it didn't have elements that reflect you and your personality. Here are some quick ideas on how you can add that personal touch to your bedroom.

Have a Memorabilia Area

A lot of people do away with stuff from yesteryear's thinking it will only add to room clutter. But those trophies, travel keepsakes, printed photographs, concert tickets, etc. can be organized in a creative way that adds not only a personal touch to your bedroom, but also even provide accent in your decor. Just make sure that you keep the trinkets confined to one general area. If you're going to use frames and display trophies, keep them all in one section of the room by dedicating a stand, table, or shelf compartments for your memorabilia.

Use Custom-Made Sheets/Bedspreads/Draperies

Personalized sheets and bedspreads are not exactly a new idea, although lately they are becoming more and more popular. Now just because it's personalized doesn't mean your sheets should have your face on them. It could be as simple as being able to choose the combination of specific colors, patterns, designs that you want for your bed. Say you have a "dream room" that you want to replicate, and you have covered everything from arrangement to wall colors, etc. but you can't find the same sheets and bedspreads, or anything close to it, at your local stores. Having your sheets custom-made would give you exactly what you want and need.

Paint the Wall/s with Your Favorite Color

If you don't own the property, there might be certain restrictions you have to be mindful of - especially when it comes to renovating or redecorating the rooms. If you're not quite sure if your landlady allows tenants to repaint the walls (if you're renting), but you're itching for a room makeover, just paint one wall with your favorite color. This will give your rented room a more personal touch, make it feel more "you," AND could serve as your accent wall too. This will also make it easier to fix if you ever change your mind.

Display Your Needle and Craft Works

Not everyone is blessed with the talent to create things with their hands. So if you're into arts and crafts, display your works in various areas around the room where you think they'd fit and blend in. This works even better if your works also count as some of your favorite things that really reflect your personality. Seeing things you made will instantly make your bedroom feel cozier and give it a sense of that familiar comfort.

Accessorize or Customize Your Headboard

If your room already looks straight out of a magazine, you might be hesitant to add or subtract elements for fear of ruining the whole look of the place. In this case, a good compromise for making your bedroom reflect your personality is by adding accessories that you like and/or tweaking your headboard. If you don't have one, you can easily make one and this is where your creativity and personality comes in. Whether you want your room to be modernist or vintage chic, you can easily design a headboard that goes with the theme of the room and lends it a more personal touch at the same time.

Don't forget that no matter how small a detail you add in your room, it does and will have an effect on the overall look. Pay attention to details -- add personal accessories and trinkets where you can.

About the Author: Elena Morgan uses decorative pillows to add personality to her own bedroom. She loves finding creative ways to accent a room.


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