Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How to Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

A child is the heart and soul of any family. Children make homes more lovable and welcoming. It’s necessary to pay attention to the decor of a child’s room so that their innocence and energy finds place to spread wings. A child’s bedroom is a place that should ideally reflect happiness and playfulness. Their colorful world must be created keeping in mind their energy and playful nature. Along with making their innocent world vibrant and bright enough thought must be given to their safety and comfort as well. Here are a few points to keep in mind while decorating your child’s world with love and enthusiasm.

Ensure a secure atmosphere: Every child is precious to its parents and no one wants to take risk with a child’s safety. To provide a secure environment to a child in the bedroom must be the first priority of a kid’s bedroom decor endeavor. Make sure that the kids’ accent furniture, kids’ bed, bean bag chairs and other stuff that you plan to use in the kids’ bedroom are safe, comfortable and durable. Avoid metallic furniture that has sharp edges and angles. Select soft and comfortable pieces for the decor. Quality is one factor that you cannot compromise upon when you are doing up your kids’ bedroom.

Provide a hygienic environment: Maintenance of a kid’s room is a huge factor for any family. The energy and playfulness of the kids can create a mess of even the most effectively maintained rooms. Make certain that you have an easy to maintain furniture set along with a washable paint or wallpaper on the walls. Regular cleaning and maintaining the room can keep off the dust and allergies at bay. Keep the rugs lightweight so that it will be easier to maintain regularly. 

Keep the space modular: Children need space for playing and spending their energy properly. A cluttered atmosphere will curb their movement and make them feel restricted. To offer them space the furniture in their room must be arranged in such a manner so as to create as much space as possible for the young ones to have a good time. Decorating the room with multi-functioning and modular furniture like bunk beds, beds with storage space, cabinet cum desks, multipurpose wardrobes and other such stuff can create beautiful space for the kids to enjoy their games in the comfort of their rooms.

Create storage area: It goes beyond saying that you need lots of storage area in your kid’s room. The various pieces of clothing, numerous toys, activity stuff and lots of other things make this area a perfect place to create a big storage. But with space constraints it is not always possible to have huge storage spaces. So, to keep the area clutter free and organized, use colorful boxes and storage cubes. Neatly pile the clothes in cabinets. Teach your child to stack the toys in storage drawers or cubes meant especially for the purpose. Attractive and colorful furniture will generate your child’s interest to use it. Make it a point to let your child know where to store or find which stuff.

Keep the decor relevant: A child will feel more comfortable and happy in a room that has been decorated keeping in mind the tastes and choices of the little one. A theme based on baseball or cars will go well with any little boy while canopy style beds, Barbie themed decor and pink color on the walls will make any little girl feel like a princess in her room. Soft cuddly toys will prove to be their playmates when alone in their room. Select the wall pains or wall papers as well as the window treatments that follow their dream theme. Use bedding ensembles that include the bed linens and the comforters which carry the same theme or at least the same color combination. Add variously styles pillows and rugs to make the room more attractive for them. Last but not the least, keep the whole setting soft and comfortable for them to enjoy in a playful environment.   

Monday, 29 October 2012

For Every Room a Different Style: How to Decorate Your House

Every room in your house serves a different purpose; it stands to reason that they wouldn't look the same. In order to make you comfortable and to put you in the correct frame of mind for whatever it is that you need the place for you need to decorate each room in a fitting manner. Let’s take a look at all the different rooms in your house, do a quick overview of what types of moods you might try to inspire, and how you can achieve each of those.


A bedroom is a bastion refuge for the weary. When you’re in your bedroom you’re either exhausted from your day or in a hurry because it’s morning and you have to get to work. Either way your stress level is likely to be high so you should try to remove any additional ones from the room. Pick warm and calming colors like green and brown to help take the edge off. Do not use more than 3 colors in your color scheme. Going for a more sleek and modern look while also keeping the total amount of furniture to a minimum will also minimize visual over-stimulation and help to make you feel relaxed and calm.


The kitchen is a place that’s utilitarian in nature; however it also carries an artistic sense. A well designed kitchen, unlike every other room in your home, absolutely needs to look clean, perhaps even sterile. The easiest way to do this is to install a large amount of easy to clean counter space, bright full-spectrum lighting, and use cooler colors like blues or grays.

Living Room

The living room is where we receive guests, watch the game, and to sit around with the odd cup of tea. This is the room in which to express your public style, whatever it may be. This room should bear the same face that you put on yourself when you go out into public. If you think of yourself as a high class individual, for example, you might hang art on the walls and put classic literature on the shelves. The lighting in any living room should be relatively warm, but bright, and ideally with large windows to let the sun in. You’ll want your color scheme to be neutral both to give you more options about what you can put in there and because you want to be able to easily modify the mood set by the room depending on the occasion which is more difficult when your color scheme does it for you.


A den is a delightful little room meant specifically to help you let your inner nerd out. Whether you've got comic book posters slathered on the walls, shelves stuffed with your favorite books, or stacks of old video games and every console that’s existed in your lifetime sitting in there, the den is a place to do what comes naturally. Depending on who you are you might have a stylish impeccably style conscious den reserved for unwinding with a book in front of a fireplace or you might literally have a room strewn with random junk (ahem, priceless valuables). This is the one place no one is allowed to judge you.

Edward Stuart is an art and decoration enthusiast as well as an online publisher for Framed Art. He frequently blogs on the topics of art, art history, design, and home decor.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Re-energize Your Living Room in a Classy Manner

The enchanting living room is always a great attraction. You must have a well-furnished living room. That is the best way you can turn your house into a home. Here are a few classy tips and suggestions that may help you beautify your front hall in a glitzy manner.

Colors for the Living Room

The first thing you need to select is the right palette of colors for the living room. This will help you form a great canvas for the rest of the living room decor.You must always pick bright shades for the living room. This will help you create a lively environment in the living room. You must avoid colors like blue or gray that may lead to moroseness.You may opt for one color for all the four walls and a contrasting color for the ceiling. Very often ceilings even have plain white shade.

Window Treatments for the Living Room

You must be wise when you select the window treatment for the hall windows. You may either opt for blinds or curtains. The curtains come in many attractive colors and you can pick the shade that goes with your living room decor.If you do not like the curtain holders to be visible, you may go for attractive window valences. They provide an added appeal to your windows.

Doors and Door Knobs

Doors may come in many different shapes. You may go for arched doors or majestic carved rectangular doors.You may select innovative knobs shaped like human hands.These easily attract the visitor’s attention.You must make sure that the door knobs are durable and last long. Clean and maintain these doors tidy so that they continue to look showy.

Couches and Coffee Tables

The first bits of furniture that you will think of having in your living room are the couches and the coffee tables. You must opt for innovative shapes of couches and coffee table. You may even go for couches of different shapes.You may even buy couches and coffee tables made from eco-friendly materials. These materials do not have any toxic effect on the environment. They can be your first step towards sustainable living.

Cabinets and Shelves

You need spacious storage spaces to accommodate your daily wares. You must thus have convenient shelves and cabinets. These days you will find cabinets of unique shapes and sizes in the market. Go for cabinets that suit the theme of your house.Make sure that the cabinet you choose does not occupy too much space. You may even check out on the Internet if you can make any DIY cabinet or shelf on your own.

Shoe Racks

You will come across many distinct variants in shoe racks too and most of them will be loved by you. You must pick the shoe rack that goes with the theme of your house. You may purchase mobile shoe racks or pipe shoe racks if they are convenient options for you.

Electronic Appliances for the Living Room

Most homes have the television set in the living room. You must thus have a cabinet or shelf to accommodate the television set. Make sure these look sophisticated and stylish.

Lamps and Lighting System

You must never neglect the lighting system when you design your living room. It can have a great impact on how your living room looks.You may have one large chandelier hanging from the ceiling. This will give your front hall a rich look.If you have any wall hangings, you can light these up with wall sconces. This will help you clearly show the intricacies of the wall hanging.

Indoor Planters

If you want to breathe life into your front hall, indoor planters are the first best pick. You may even make these at home. These are relatively affordable too.

Carpets and Tiles

The flooring can really not be complete if you choose the wrong tiles for your floors. You have to choose flooring that can be maintained easily.You can further increase the life of these flooring's by choosing the right carpets. Carpets reduce the rate of deterioration of the flooring.

Trash Cans

You must go for modern sustainable or disposable trash cans. They usually are better at disposing trash. You may even go for solar powered trash cans.


You may use a fireplace to create a focal point in the living room. You may even go for coffee tables with a fireplace in the center.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Trendy and Fashionable Ways To Store Items in Plain Site

A cluttered living space can make us feel closed in. It can also make a space feel smaller. We want to put away the clutter, but there is nowhere to put it. This is where visible storage comes in. There are ways to disguise our clutter as home accents and decor. This allows us to simplify things while also adding a touch of decorative flair to any room in the home.

The Bathroom

Colored glass bottles and jars can add color and personality to the bathroom. These can hold many of the small items that clutter vanities, such as bars of soap, dental supplies, small hair supplies and other small hygiene products.

Vertical shelving can be used to store towels and wash rags in a neat and organized way. For larger items, you can grab some good-looking baskets, put the items in them and put the baskets on the shelves. This allows you to keep all of the bathroom clutter you need in the bathroom while storing it in a neat and visually appealing way.

The Kitchen

Kitchens tend to have built-in cabinet space for most items. However, sometimes things like pots and pans really have nowhere to go. A pot rack is a simple and decorative way to keep these items off of the counters while adding a little decoration to the kitchen. Many food items can be put in decorative containers and stored on counter tops or shelves. For example, things like sugar, flour, rice and cereals can be put into decorative containers and then they are out and ready for use, as well as give some color and flair to your kitchen.

The Living Room

With the family spending a lot of time in here, it does not take long for clutter to start piling up. Shelving units and sideboards are good places to put storage. For things that you do not want to be seen, pick up some decorative baskets, place the items in these and then put these on the shelves along with normal shelf items like books and vases. This will give the shelf a neat blocked look. Baskets can also be placed under the sideboard, coffee table and side table.

For items that you want to be easily accessible, vases or bowls can be used to hold these. Such items include things like remote controls, coasters and anything you need to be handy.

You may choose to use an old trunk as a coffee table. This trunk can store many items and it can give a rustic or shabby chic look, depending on style and color, to your living room.

The Bedroom

A cluttered bedroom makes relaxing more difficult. The good news is that there are several ways to put things away in a visually appealing manner. First, take advantage of the space under your bed. You can take advantage of this in two ways. You can cover the area by using a dust ruffle as part of your bedding to disguise what you put under there and change the look of your bed a bit. Or you can use drawers on caster wheels. These drawers can be solid wood or you can use a decorative technique that fits the style of your bedroom. This is really the perfect space for extra clothes and shoes that do not fit neatly in your closet.

You may also choose to add some wall shelves. These can hold hatboxes and other boxes that look nice. Then, you can place smaller items in these boxes to get them out of sight.

About the author: Patrick O’Houlihan is an accomplished freelance writer with many years experience covering all things home and garden. When he’s not covering sites like Moshells value center you can find him working on his handmade sailboat that he hopes to have in the water by year’s end.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Adding a Personal Touch to Your Bedroom

We all take to magazines and various websites to get ideas for remodeling or redecorating our homes. But sometimes, no matter how beautifully you design your room, or stick to a certain theme; you may still feel like your bedroom isn't "you." For example, you may have the modernist look down pat, but it would feel "empty" if it didn't have elements that reflect you and your personality. Here are some quick ideas on how you can add that personal touch to your bedroom.

Have a Memorabilia Area

A lot of people do away with stuff from yesteryear's thinking it will only add to room clutter. But those trophies, travel keepsakes, printed photographs, concert tickets, etc. can be organized in a creative way that adds not only a personal touch to your bedroom, but also even provide accent in your decor. Just make sure that you keep the trinkets confined to one general area. If you're going to use frames and display trophies, keep them all in one section of the room by dedicating a stand, table, or shelf compartments for your memorabilia.

Use Custom-Made Sheets/Bedspreads/Draperies

Personalized sheets and bedspreads are not exactly a new idea, although lately they are becoming more and more popular. Now just because it's personalized doesn't mean your sheets should have your face on them. It could be as simple as being able to choose the combination of specific colors, patterns, designs that you want for your bed. Say you have a "dream room" that you want to replicate, and you have covered everything from arrangement to wall colors, etc. but you can't find the same sheets and bedspreads, or anything close to it, at your local stores. Having your sheets custom-made would give you exactly what you want and need.

Paint the Wall/s with Your Favorite Color

If you don't own the property, there might be certain restrictions you have to be mindful of - especially when it comes to renovating or redecorating the rooms. If you're not quite sure if your landlady allows tenants to repaint the walls (if you're renting), but you're itching for a room makeover, just paint one wall with your favorite color. This will give your rented room a more personal touch, make it feel more "you," AND could serve as your accent wall too. This will also make it easier to fix if you ever change your mind.

Display Your Needle and Craft Works

Not everyone is blessed with the talent to create things with their hands. So if you're into arts and crafts, display your works in various areas around the room where you think they'd fit and blend in. This works even better if your works also count as some of your favorite things that really reflect your personality. Seeing things you made will instantly make your bedroom feel cozier and give it a sense of that familiar comfort.

Accessorize or Customize Your Headboard

If your room already looks straight out of a magazine, you might be hesitant to add or subtract elements for fear of ruining the whole look of the place. In this case, a good compromise for making your bedroom reflect your personality is by adding accessories that you like and/or tweaking your headboard. If you don't have one, you can easily make one and this is where your creativity and personality comes in. Whether you want your room to be modernist or vintage chic, you can easily design a headboard that goes with the theme of the room and lends it a more personal touch at the same time.

Don't forget that no matter how small a detail you add in your room, it does and will have an effect on the overall look. Pay attention to details -- add personal accessories and trinkets where you can.

About the Author: Elena Morgan uses decorative pillows to add personality to her own bedroom. She loves finding creative ways to accent a room.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Turning Old Storage Space into Usable Areas

You’ve been eyeing that old storage space for some time now, wondering how you can find a way to utilize it other than a junk catch-all, right? If you are like most people, there is a space in your home or office that’s been collecting “stuff “ for quite some time, but now it needs to serve its purpose as a usable area. The good news is that you can easily turn any under-utilized storage space into a great new area for hobbies, organizing, work or play.

Once you’ve cleared out the junk, here are some ideas for turning any old storage room into a usable area for your home or office.

Hobby and Craft Room

Have a personal hobby like crafting, sewing, scrapbooking, woodwork or some other way to express your creative side? Then you need a personal hobby room! Choose the storage options you will need first, and then decide how much work area you will need to be comfortable. Some great options include a craft armoire with doors or under-desk storage drawers that can conceal your supplies. Or pick up some inexpensive books shelves and add baskets to store crafting supplies. For small hobby rooms, you may want to opt for wall storage that adjusts as your needs change.

Anywhere Book Nook

Love to read, but have no space to call your own? Try an easy to create book nook! From that space under your stairs to the back storage room of your house, you can turn any space into the perfect place to unwind with a good book (or e-reader). Find two book shelves and place them into a corner of the room. Add a comfortable chair, a reading lamp, and footstool for the ultimate in comfort. Add a room divider if you want to section this space off and have more privacy.

Exercise Space

It seems as if everyone is trying to lose weight and get in shape nowadays, but getting gym memberships can be costly and time consuming. Instead of worrying about it, why not turn that old storage space into a brand new workout center? In just a few hours and some creative thinking, your storage space can morph into your own gym. Replace worn out carpets with hard wood floors or indoor-outdoor carpeting, Paint walls in bright shades and add hooks for hanging exercise equipment. Add a second-hand treadmill, exercise bike, and free weights.

Breakfast Pantry/Dinette

Your kitchen may be small and you don’t have a place to entertain dinner guests, but did you know that you can turn any storage space into a breakfast dinette and pantry area? Start with wood or vinyl floors, and then add a touch of color in a soft shade of paint, new window coverings in a bright print, and an area rug. Pick up a low cost love-seat and a dinette table with side chairs to create a relaxing place to enjoy your favorite beverages. Add cupboards to one wall to store dry food items, extra dinnerware and linens.

Gaming and Play Area for the Kiddos

Kids need a lot of room to run and play, especially when bad weather makes it impossible for them to play outside. That old storage space can easily be whipped into an indoor playroom for your kids or a family entertainment room for your teens in just one weekend. Clear out all old items and start with a fresh coat of paint in a fun color, followed by light-filtering window treatments and new rugs. Add book shelves, a toy box or game storage cabinet, and some soft seating.

About the author: Marty Reardon has written for the home and garden industry for over a decade. After gaining extensive knowledge, Marty has shared his expertise with the blogging world. When he’s not writing, you can find him covering self storage in Naperville or fishing with his two young sons.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Top 10 Strangest Beds in the World

People spend one third of their lives in bed, so it is important to have comfortable bedroom furniture. Aside from comfort, how about looking for a different sleeping experience in a book, magnetic field or a bird's nest?

Space savers

 A book bed not only provides a comfortable night's sleep, it can save space in the bedroom. During the day, the two covers of the book can lie on the floor as a play area or a low table. At night, you open the book to find that its leaves are duvets and pillows.If you think you can sleep standing up, try a vertical bed. It looks like a giant marshmallow leaning against a wall. A body-shaped mould makes a wrap-around sleeping space.


Fall asleep while floating in the air on a magnetic bed. Industrial strength magnets provide enough power to allow the bed to float in the air and support a weight of about 900 kilogrammes (1,900 pounds). Four wires tether it to the walls to stop it floating away in a strong gust of wind.

Create your own sleeping space with fabric-covered sofa balls. They look like huge cuddly marbles that allow you to arrange them in any shape or pattern anywhere in your house.

If you've always enjoyed hammocks, why not create a hanging bed? Use ropes, chains or strong steel wires to suspend the bed from the ceiling or from irregular corners in a loft space. The bed can be arranged to remain still or it can rock as you sleep. Another advantage is lots of under-bed storage space.

Wrap around

Surround yourself with sound in a sonic bed. It looks like a vast wooden tank furnished at the bottom with a comfortable mattress, duvet and pillows. Twelve or more loudspeakers installed in the bed walls surround all parts of your body with sound. You could even install a light show for the ultimate psychedelic sleeping experience. Paint the outside walls to match other white bedroom furniture sets.

Take yourself away from the world in a Lomme bed. It uses color and sound therapy to isolate you from the world and lets you wake up fully refreshed in the morning.

Pretend you are a little chick in a bird's nest bed. Pieces of wood that emulate twigs form the outer rim, while the inside is a padded floor space and walls. There are lots of different-sized shapes and pillows inside the nest that may be added to or taken away to create more room.

Ghoulish sleepers can buy a coffin bed. This is a large version of the ultimate casket, though the mattress and wall linings are more comfortable. It can be finished in a mahogany or an ebony stain and even fitted with latches for those who would like to play Dracula hiding from the morning light.

You don't have to be James Bond to protect yourself in an anti-terrorist bed. This bed seals you inside as you sleep and will isolate you from biological attack, stalkers, kidnappers and natural disasters such as earthquakes. The frame is strong enough to protect you from falling masonry. There are two-way mirrors that allow you to watch events or intruders on the outside while you call for help from your mobile.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home

Considering windows treatments is not only a practical but also a functional decision. Choosing to add curtains, blinds, shades, or shutters on your window can make your house more appealing. At the same time, window treatments also help block off sunlight and provide privacy. Looking for window treatments for your home? Here are some tips:

Determine Your Needs

There are a wide range of styles and look of window treatments to choose from but before you make a choice, determine your needs first. How important is privacy to you? Of course, this will depend on where the windows treatment will be installed. A living and dining room situated at the front of the house requires a huge deal of privacy than rooms located at the rear or upstairs. The room’s exposure is also crucial in deciding the importance of privacy.

Consider the Window’s Architecture

The architecture of the window is undoubtedly a major consideration when considering window treatments. It could be located in an awkward position, too thin, squat, among others. In any case, windows treatments can cover up any defect and improve their visual appearance.

Choose a Style for the Room

The choice of window treatment will depend on the style you want for your room. Likewise, the color, pattern, and texture that will help determine the perfect design of window treatment for your business. So how do you know which style will look good on your window? Barrett suggests looking at magazines and books. Another possible source of style is through the Internet.

What Is Your Lifestyle?

Essentially, your manner of lifestyle can also have an impact on the choice of windows treatments. High traffic area will require a durable and washable window treatments. If you like cooking, the window treatment should not be made from a delicate fabric as they are likely to absorb splatters.

Whatever windows treatment that you choose, they can help bring out the appeal and beauty of your home.