Friday, 7 September 2012

Quick Tips on Staging a Home

It has been said that a home's value is what a buyer is willing to pay for it, and this is especially true in today's turbulent real estate market. Home sellers often think of their homes in term of location, age and square footage, but potentially buyers often base their decisions more on the feeling they get from a home; preparing and staging a home can lead to more bids and a higher sale price. Here are a few tips.

Clean everything

The psychological effect of cleanliness is well established. Make sure every facet of your house looks as great as possible. Carpets should be stain-free and vacuumed, and tables should be clear. Try to remove any scuffs on tile, and pay extra attention to the exterior. Potential buyers see the outside of a home before stepping inside, so make sure it is spotless.

A little paint can go a long way

Homeowners often design their homes exactly how they like it, but most buyers are looking for a fairly neutral home they can convert into their ideal living space. If a home has red walls, for example, it may be wise to paint them a neutral beige color. Kids rooms often have wacky paint colors, but buyers might be less inclined to make a bid if they know they will have to repaint a room.

Remove clutter and personal items

Clutter has several effects on potential buyers; it makes rooms look smaller and might give the impression that the home is poorly maintained. One of the biggest effects of staging is the fact that is shows that the seller cares about details and has likely maintained the house well. Personal items can severely detract from a home's look, so they are best removed before interested parties stop by.

Smell matters

Studies have consistently shown that smell is one of the strongest senses, and humans remember smells far longer than sights and sounds. A home's smell will persist in the minds of potential buyers long after they have left. Take steps to remove bad odors and replace them with subtle, pleasant smells.

Ask for advice

It can be hard to step back and make a neutral evaluation of our homes after living in them for so long. Have a friend or neighbor view the home after the staging has been completed and ask them to share their opinion. There are often simple fixes that are easy to overlook.

Staging is not always free, but real estate agents all agree that the costs are worthwhile. Buyers pay more for staged homes, and sellers might be able to start a bidding war between multiple interested parties. Make sure you take the staging process seriously.

About AuthorAndy Hall is an online marketing manager for Cornerstone Homes. He writes about home builders in Calgary, interior design, and home improvements.


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