Monday, 10 September 2012

5 Rules to Decorate Your House before Selling It

Most homeowners begin to sense that the time may be drawing close to put their home on the market. It may be too small, it may be too large or it may be in the wrong place. Whatever the reason the decision to sell a property is a very fundamental one in people's lives should be handled with the maximum of professionalism, so that the sellers can enjoy the highest possible price for the property.

That should mean investing what is required to make the property look as good as possible before it goes on the market. The money invested in this re-decoration project should be recovered many times over in the final selling price. The reason is that when most people come to look over a property with a view to buying, first impressions can be very important.

That's why it's important to invest money in getting the property in as good a shape as can be done within a reasonable budget. 

There are five simple rules to decorate your house before selling it. If they are followed more or less to the letter then the chances of receiving a higher price will greatly increase.

Rule one- Bland is better

it may sound strange but most people who buy a property, will immediately want to place their territorial claim on it. That means taking the house, even if it has just been decorated, and the smell of paint is still in the air, and redecorating it. For the seller should remember that this is likely to happen and not put out too much in making fashion statements. Clean and crisp will do the job.

Rule Two-Don't be cheap when it comes to materials

being in mind that many couples and especially if they are first-time buyers will be working on a very stretched budget. If they see a property that is ready to move into then they are liable to look more favorably upon it. They would rather pay the cost of redecorating the house to the mortgage for the next 25 years than pay out some cash today. That means decorating using good materials that will last.

Rule Three-Don't forget to add some personal touches

Even though you may like that rug or the set of curtains in the baby's room, you know the baby is now in their teens, leaving them behind. when you're putting the house up for sale. Prospective buyers may hate the rug and the curtains but at least it will give the impression that this is a house that has been lived in.

Rule Four-How to decorate the house that you are no longer living in

there is an unhealthy scenario where someone is trying to sell a property which is no longer occupied. Once all the furniture and fittings have been removed, near is no way that the house can look at its best. Some people have gone as far as picking up used furniture and appliances to continue the impression that the house is still a home. It may be a pain in the neck but can have a major effect on the selling of the property and how long it stays on the market.

Rule Five- If you manage sell your property before redecorating

This is a dream scenario, but it can happen. If you're happy with the price then you can sit down with the buyers and offered to pay part of their redecoration costs or even help them to undertake the work. Leaving a buyer in the best possible terms has many advantages that can be reaped over the years. 

Author's Bio : Chris has been writing about interior design for over 4 years. Chris has published numerous articles on various decorating blogs. Aside from blogging,Chris specializes in french provincial furniture and decoration.


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