Monday, 13 August 2012

Five Eccentric Yet Awesome Outdoor Furniture

If you can be different from who you are right now, how different can you be?

Some would say they would like to be exactly who they are right now, while others will insist how they like themselves but later on suggest some minor changes. Yet, there will still be someone who longs for a change so radical, the concept becomes mundane for others.

There is nothing wrong with change. Anyway, it is the only constant thing in this world other than the presence of taxes. Change also helps you discover diversified options, varying solutions to a problem or different outcomes for a single decision.

So instead of sticking with your good old wooden bench on your garden or plastic chairs on your patio, why not shift your style to more eccentric yet awesome pieces of outdoor furniture for your home?

Maybe this is the change that you needed.

1.      Out-of-the-bedroom Bed

If you think that beds only belong to the bedroom, this time, you would think twice.

This outdoor furniture lets you literally stay out all night without turning you into an insomniac. The cushion is enveloped with a rattan framework to make it more stable and durable on uneven ground.

  F  Fantastical Seats

If you want to exploit the rich forest that surrounds your house, better use these fantastical seats to recreate the fairytale fantasy every child has. Who knows? Maybe Cinderella or Snow White will even drop by.

           From vines to a bench

This imaginative piece is not only an eye-candy outdoor furniture but also a reliable and comfortable one. Originally called the Marlin chairs, these will drive you to the edge of your seats with how it was creatively crafted.

4.      Batoidea Outdoor Furniture

Perhaps Peter Donders created this while he was out fishing or maybe just watching National Geographic. But whatever his reasons are, the outdoor furniture pieces that he created are inspired from Batoidea, an order of sting rays and skates.

The unconventional shape and structure resemble the cartilaginous body of the sting ray, which also makes this piece one-of-a-kind. The whole piece comes with a foot rest for your pleasure.

5.      Nested seats

It is not at all intriguing at when it is in its original form. But when you deconstruct the piece, you will be amazed at how useful and practical it is for use.

This stackable outdoor furniture is perfect when you have a small patio since it consumes space only when needed. One ball is comprised of four seats with back rest and a coffee table. Who would have thought all five can be fit into just one piece?

If you can add more to the list, go ahead and send us the link through your comments below. Spread the change!

Author Bio : Pierre Angela Cruz is a Marketing Consultant for Open Brook, an excellent source of information and reviews about patio and outdoor furniture 


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