Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Perfect Design Combinations for Your Bedroom Interior

Your bedroom is not just a place for you to drop your head into a mattress and snore away. It is your own personal dwelling where you can catch your breath, unwind from a long dog-day’s work, and create the master plan for achieving your lofty dreams. It is the place where families are founded, intimate conversations are held, successes are rejoiced over and failures are reevaluated.

As such, your bedroom bears a huge responsibility towards making you feel absolutely at peace with the surroundings. Here are a few design combinations and suggestions as to how you should set about decorating your bedroom interior to achieve just the right effect:

The Ocean Feel

Tired from the day’s vigorous tasks and chores? Entering a room with an ocean-like realm will definitely lower those spiked stress levels. To achieve a room with an atmosphere that resembles the majestic ocean might sound overwhelming and complicated, but it’s actually a matter of using the right colors.

Mattresses then either it would be a single or king-size mattress can be covered with linens of different shades of blue; pillows, of muted hues of green, provide the perfect accent. Not a fan of blues or greens? You can also achieve a sandy beach effect by combining off-white, peach and light brown.

Purple Madness

Purple is a combination of blue and red, thus the perfect combination of cool and warm categories of colors.  It is the color of royalty and denotes the feeling of luxury. Designing your bedroom around a purple theme will give you the push you need to achieving success and get a taste of the finer things in life.

A merely purple bedroom can be transformed into a purple heaven with the right design, starting from the ceiling to walls, furniture, and accessories. Choose a ceiling design that would draw attention to the room’s very essence—the bed. Walls can be painted with a pale lavender color so as not to overshadow the deep violet shades of mattress covers of your double mattress.  White lighting from unique lamps also contributes to the overall effect of the king and queen’s room.

A Modern Touch

Browns and whites are today’s favorite modern colors. The black and white combination also never goes out of style. Whether it's for your bedroom furniture or chairs or maybe just your vanity tables, using black or chocolate will add some modern touch to your bedroom. Aside from going well with most modern bedroom furniture, the earthy colors will give your room a nice and warm feel. To complete the effect, add flexible lighting fixtures that offer you bright light for the day and subtle light for the night.

The Minimalist

Beautiful, clean lines and a soothing white hue are perfect for the person who despises clutter. The white minimalist bedroom decors are delicate and elegant, and they represent a remarkable state that only nature can provide—tranquility. The beauty of white is that it can be successfully combined with all other colors, giving you more freedom and a variety of options to alter the details of the room according to your preferences.

The above mentioned design combinations are only a few of the many possible themes you can integrate into your bedroom. Just create a mental picture of what you really want and start from there. Always aim for the design that suits your lifestyle and personal preferences, and remember to have fun with it as well. Your bedroom should come out like how you want it to be – a room that transcends from an ordinary space into your idea of nirvana.

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