Thursday, 26 July 2012

Patio Goes Mediterranean: How to Design Your Patio in Mediterranean Style

The earliest thriving civilizations lie along the Mediterranean. And although now they are not as prominent as they used to be, their architecture and culture has been iconic throughout history. The rich Mediterranean art has become the benchmark for classic and timeless pieces.

In fact, Spanish-style architecture has been heavily influenced by the Mediterranean style. More than the fact that Spain is along this area, Mediterranean architecture has been a symbol of power and dominance, which undeniably would be what Spain and any other country would want to portray.

There are still a lot of differences between the two styles. But if you want your patio, the most favored area for your guests, be strictly Mediterranean, here are some tips for decorating and selecting Mediterranean-style patio furniture.

1.Start with a white cracked wall.

Having white cracked walls is a staple for a Mediterranean-style of patio. The cracks give off a vintage effect to your walls, while the white color is perfect to reflect sunlight on your patio and give your guests a sunny and bright feeling.

2.For flooring tiled, or brick-style terracotta complements the white walls.

This is another trademark for Mediterranean-style patios. This is also one of the influences of Mediterraneanstyle to Spanish designs.

3.Use rustic iron patio furniture.

The use of rustic iron is also commonly used in Spanishstyle and other classic patio furniture designs. Rustic iron has long been used during the Medieval and the Renaissance, which makes it definitely vintage.

4.Use wooden patio furniture as alternative.

If rustic iron is hard to come by, another good alternative are wooden patio furniture. The light color of wood permits the abundance of light, which is consistent with the temperate climate in Mediterranean countries.

5.Your patio should be bordered by pillars or columns.

The Greeks have created around six classical orders for Greek columns, which are staples on Greek houses and buildings. Although at a glance, these orders look very much alike, each still has its own specifications which you may use as a source of inspiration.

If using concrete is out of your budget, giving wooden columns a faux finish is a good alternative.

6.Add some large pots filled with palms, bougainvillea, or any greenery.

Since Mediterranean countries are surrounded by seas and farmlands, adding potted plants recreates an ambience that is closer to nature.

Through these tips, you and your guests can walk like the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus. Go on, send us some photos of your patio. Who knows? Maybe it can be another source of inspiration for striving designers out there.

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