Wednesday, 25 July 2012

How to create a Basement - Guests will enjoy

The basement is a great space for teens and young adults. It allows them privacy with their friends, while still allowing you to adequately supervise. It is important to make this a youth-friendly atmosphere in both design and functionality.


Young adults are sometimes not the neatest age group. Picking furniture that is stain-resistant or easy to clean will always be a good idea. Fabrics can be scotch-guarded if they are not simple to wipe off.

Furniture should also be comfortable. They should have comfortable cushioning and plenty of puffy pillows. This will allow them to get comfortable to watch movies, television or even read and get homework done.

Go for appealing colors and patterns. Young adults will not normally be very keen on an all-beige space. Perhaps a turquoise sofa in a modern shape will help to bring some fun and brightness to the space. Then, flank this with two ultra-comfortable, but modern, white chairs that have ottomans, or a chaise lounge. This is a bright and fun color scheme. Get pillows that will complement these colors.

Tables should really not be wood, but something that is easy to clean and hard to destruct. This means that glass should be avoided for both practicality and safety issues.


You want an open design with plenty of free space. Young adults like to mingle and lie around on the floor. They need the room to do this. Choose a design that incorporates many elements as well. For example, one area could be for watching television and movies and then another area for playing video games. This is another reason to have plenty of open space because many new video games are interactive and you use your body to play them. This requires plenty of space.


Think young, fun and funky. Modern and fun wall mirrors, fun lights and wall art will always work. For example, fiber optic or lava lamps may be decades old, but they are still in style and can create a fun and young vibe in a space. Allowing the young adults to create the wall art can also be a fun idea. Young adults are often very creative and can help to make the space their own by creating interesting wall hangings and other decorative pieces, such as collage lamp shades.


The elements are the fun things and activities that you will incorporate. You will definitely want a decent-sized television, as well as satellite or cable, a DVD or Blu Ray player and even a show recording device like TiVo.

Video game systems are always a good idea. Xbox and Playstation 3 are the two most popular at this time. Make sure to get the Kinect for the Xbox as this has many youth-friendly games that get players moving. They have dance games, sports games and others. You want a decent selection of games too to keep them interested.

A dart board is a very easy thing to put up and it is fun. If you have some extra cash, a pool table can help keep them happy and busy.

Another neat element is a non-alcoholic bar. Stock this with plenty of juices, sodas and other neat drinks and snacks that young folks go for. It can be fun creating their own non-alcoholic cocktails.

About the Author: Jillian Watkinson writes and reviews Community Home Supply. When she’s not doing that, she’s usually bragging to all of her friends and showing off her newest re-decoration project.


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